2 Months of Jamberry Blogging: My Birthday Anniversary Post

Some of my favorite manicures and pedicures since wearing Jamberry nail wraps.

Today marks Showynails 2nd month anniversary of blogging! It has been a fun two months and since it’s also my birthday, I’m going to take a few minutes to share some of my favorite Jamberry manicures and pedicures as I reflect back on what Jamberry has meant for me and my family:

I first joined Jamberry after a successful Facebook party. I was totally smitten with these awesome nail wraps and was feeling so pampered and good about myself, I really wanted to share my love with all of my friends and family. Joining was a natural progression. I could party with other people, continue to share my passion for beautiful nails and get a discount on anything I bought! My launch party was, however, a bomb. Everyone who wanted to had already participated in my previous party and it seemed no one wanted to support me just a month later. I was pretty bummed. I asked everyone I knew to host a party for me as a favor, but that seemed to be a dead end as well. But I still loved those nail wraps! I decided to start pouring my passion into this blog as a much-needed outlet. I could talk as much as I wanted about Jamberry, and I wouldn’t annoy anyone because people reading my blog would be seeking it out!

When I finally got my first “yes,” that’s when things started to turn around for me. I made my kit fee back with that first party, and scheduled my 2nd party soon after. As soon as my 2nd party ended, I had made back all of my start up costs including my custom print products and this website! From then on, anything I make will just be a wonderful bonus for my family.

It’s hard to be passionate about something when no one around you seems to feel the same way. I may not have the support in person with my local friends and family, but I have a great support system with my Jamberry team, my passionate hostesses, and my husband. I may not be as successful as some, and I may not have started as quickly as others, but I have found a good rhythm with how Jamberry fits into my life. And I still love these nail wraps!!

If you are thinking about joining the Jamberry family, I would love to talk with you more! Jamberry means so many things to so many women. For some, it is a job-replacement. For others, it is a hobby. It can be whatever you want, because you are working for yourself! You can do in-home parties, or you can do it all online! You can work as much or as little as you want! When you are just starting out, and begin hearing “no,” it’s easy to get discouraged. But as soon as you hear that first “yes,” you will be hooked and want to be as successful as you can. Email me to start the conversation at showynails@gmail.com. I’d love to talk with you more about my Jamberry team, commissions, bonuses, and whatever you have questions about.

-Carolyn S.

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