November’s Stylebox by Jamberry


Stylebox by Jamberry this month featured TWO exclusive nail wrap designs! Channel your inner Marilyn, Audrey, or Twiggy with November’s “Vintage Vixen” StyleBox! November’s StyleBox gives you a retro look with a modern twist. If you didn’t sign up in time to get this box, you are unfortunately out of luck! You can only get […]

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Mani-Monday! Except on Thursday!


I finally made time for myself this week! My 18 month old son has finally started sleeping better to the point where I feel comfortable taking Melatonin again, so my sleep quality has really improved and I am feeling much better, whew! So this week I have been getting up an hour or so before […]

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Know Your Consultant: More About Carolyn

fangirl collage

Hello again! This entry is going to be about me. Me, me, me! Ha, ha. No, really. Most people don’t know this about me, but I am a closet fangirl. I might not exhibit outward signs of the typical fangirl such as stalking behaviors, going to conventions, joining online forums, actually buying stuff, or random […]

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About Jamberry Consultant Carolyn Showalter

Carolyn has been an Independent Jamberry Consultant since September 2014, and has been blogging about Jamberry's unique and lovable nail wraps since October. She believes Jamberry nail wraps are the best thing for unique nail art, individual expression, and simple pampering.