Jamberry Exclusive Gift Boxes!


I am so excited to announce Jamberry’s Exclusive Holiday Gift boxes available for this year! Every set includes 3 different exclusive nail wraps (a glossy, a tint, and a sparkle), plus an application kit and a greeting card all in a beautiful gift box! This is such a simple solution to the “What do I […]

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Jamberry Style | Vintage Deco

deco collage

Any wrap style can be dressed up or dressed down, no matter your lifestyle or occasion! These outfits were inspired by the beautiful Vintage Deco Jamberry nail wrap! And special bonus, they’re red, white, and blue so they’re perfect for Veteran’s Day on November 11th! My dad is an Air Force Veteran, and my father-in-law […]

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Jamberry Nails for Nurses

nurse jams

Do these nail wrap things work? Yes! But do they work on busy hands? In a word, yes! But I’m a nurse and wash my hands like a thousand times a day! Will they work for that? Yes again! Jamberry recently had their 1 millionth customer. You don’t get to be a company that successful […]

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Jamberry’s 7 day Challenge!


Having a sample of something can be invaluable in deciding to buy it. Who doesn’t want to try a brand new product without paying for it upfront? But plain old samples are so boring! That’s why instead of sending a plain sample, I encourage my customers to take a 7 day Challenge instead! It is […]

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Monthly Style Trends: October

top 20 trends of oct

The top 20 nail wraps of October saw many more Winter and Christmas wraps trending. Pumpkin Spice is still a favorite, but got pushed out of the #1 spot by the blue Let it Snow reverse french design. There were some non-holiday wraps trending as well, the beautiful Silver Floral on Magenta is always a […]

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Jamberry Style | Floral Oasis


The 1st of the month is always an exciting time for Jamberry Consultants. It is the day that the newest Sister Style Exclusive nail wrap is debuted as well as the next Hostess Exclusive nail wrap design. Today is even more special because we learned of a brand new limited edition gift box that will […]

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About Jamberry Consultant Carolyn Showalter

Carolyn has been an Independent Jamberry Consultant since September 2014, and has been blogging about Jamberry's unique and lovable nail wraps since October. She believes Jamberry nail wraps are the best thing for unique nail art, individual expression, and simple pampering.