A Mani Fit for Mardi Gras!

My custom Exclusive Colorful Argyle, designed by my husband made for the perfect manicure for Mardi Gras and beyond!

This manicure is a custom creation designed by my husband just for me! I thought the colors and pattern made it perfectly fitting for wearing around Mardi Gras! And since it isn’t a “Mardi Gras” pattern per se, I can easily continue to wear it after the holiday and enjoy it as long as it […]

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The Beauty Boost Challenge: Month 2!

beauty boost image

presented by Independent Consultant, Carolyn Showalter We hope that you’ve decided to join us on our Beauty Boost journey. Click here for details about our Beauty Boost experiment. As we move into the second month, here are some tips you can implement during February: Face We know that when you come home from a late […]

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Jamberry Style Trends for January

january top 20

January saw women everywhere go insane over Jamberry’s hottest nail wrap, “Love Spell.” It rocketed to the top soon after it debuted and stayed there firmly at number one for the whole month. Women are going crazy for this wrap style! It is a beauty, that’s for sure. I personally love the mixed manicures you […]

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Jamberry Nails: Perfect for Date Night!

gold metallic jamberry

presented by Independent Consultant, Carolyn Showalter From fun nights out to a quick evening escape with your significant other, it’s all about looking great without looking overdone. Here are 3 date night nail looks for 3 different kinds of dates that will add a little something without adding too much. A Night of Romance: Maybe […]

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About Jamberry Consultant Carolyn Showalter

Carolyn has been an Independent Jamberry Consultant since September 2014, and has been blogging about Jamberry's unique and lovable nail wraps since October. She believes Jamberry nail wraps are the best thing for unique nail art, individual expression, and simple pampering.