A Jamberry Fundraiser: The Arms Forces

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I have the amazing privilege of having a Jamberry Fundraiser for a special organization called The Arms Forces, hosted by Pam Hays. The Arms Forces is a nonprofit organization that embraces the unique needs of veterans who have traumatic brain injury or post-traumatic stress.  They develop and maintain a network of trained volunteer Life Navigation Coaches who give individual assistance to wounded warriors with invisible wounds of war, at no cost to them.  They also provide support to families and loved ones.

Starting November 24th going through December 21st, 30% of every sale of any Jamberry product will be donated to this organization. That is well and beyond the standard 10% that Jamberry donates during a regular fundraiser. For Pam, we’re pulling out all the stops!

The fundraiser is happening on Facebook, and anyone can click on the Group Link to join in on the fun: we’re playing games, doing giveaways (including a door prize of a Starbucks gift card!), having a raffle drawing for a special prize*, and learning more about what The Arms Forces does for veterans local to the Northwest Ohio area and beyond! Be sure to share this page with anyone who wants to support our veterans, and invite your friends on facebook to join the group!

Or click on this direct link to get right to shopping! Jamberry products make great gifts for all the different ladies in your life, including nail wraps, professional nail lacquers, amazing hand care products, and even gift certificates (they are digital, but you can always print it out and put it in a Christmas card or someone’s stocking)!

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Learn more about The Arms Forces at their website: thearmsforces.org

I’ve also teamed up with Pam to design a custom nail wrap to benefit The Arms Forces! This Exclusive nail wrap features multi-colored confetti and the Arms Forces logo to coordinate with every occasion, not just the Patriotic ones! The red person represents our community, while the blue person represents our troops, veterans and their families.It takes a community to lift up our troops and veterans. You can wear the Arms Forces nail wraps and be a walking testimony for this special organization and tell others easily about lives changed just when people compliment you on your nails!

Each Jamberry sheet has 18 strips, enough for 2 manicures and 2 pedicures! Each strip is cut in half to cover 2 nails or more. Order this custom wrap to benefit The Arms Forces!
Each Jamberry sheet has 18 strips, enough for 2 manicures and 2 pedicures! Each strip is cut in half to cover 2 nails or more. Order this custom wrap to benefit The Arms Forces!

How to Order the Custom Arms Forces Jamberry Nail Wrap

  1. Buy an eGift Card for $25 from Jamberry’s website HERE, and be sure to select The Arms Forces Fundraiser at checkout.
  2. Fill out my form HERE so I can reclaim your gift card code for you and then mail you the custom nail wraps!
  3. Please allow 4 weeks or so for delivery. Each sheet of custom nail wraps costs $25 (tax and shipping included) and is enough for 2 manicures and 2 pedicures. 30% of each sale will go to The Arms Forces.

*Special Raffle Prize is:

  • a FULL sheet of Jamberry nail wraps, enough for 2 manicures and 2 pedicures
  • a mini-mani tool set including a Jamberry nail buffer, Jamberry nail file, professional nail scissors, and an orange stick
  • all gift wrapped in an insulated travel mug!
  • Go join the Facebook Group to learn how to earn FREE Raffle Tickets!
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