August StyleBox by Jamberry: Sail Away!

august stylebox 2015 sail away 1

It’s so great that Jamberry lets you see what is inside each month’s box before you receive it! It lets you anticipate your box if you already subscribe, and it can also make you to commit if you haven’t yet subscribed! (Of course, if you want your box to be a surprise, it becomes a bit harder especially if you are on social media, but I am a Consultant and I have had more than one surprise box even with writing this blog, so it is not impossible. ;) )

August’s Stylebox includes 2 exclusive designs that are inspired by, what else, sailing! One wrap includes a full striped sailboat design, and one wrap is a mixed mani with navy blue and pale blue and a subtle classic designs on top. They coordinate in theme with this month’s Sister Style Exclusive, but the SSE is white and black, so they are not a perfect match in style.

august stylebox 2015 sail away 2

Along with the 2 exclusive wraps, each box comes with an exclusive accent sheet previewing 5 designs from the upcoming Fall catalog! They did the same thing with last February’s box, when the Spring catalog was going to come out the next month and it was very popular! I know personally, I did a trade to get another exclusive Spring accent sheet because it was so beautiful!

But you only have until the 15th to sign up to get this month’s box! Every month, subscribers will get $30 worth of products, plus a free nail file and orange stick, a style card, and a Jamberry-produced style video (on YouTube) all for $25 and FREE shipping! If you subscribe for longer, you will get a discount, how cool is that!?

Sign up for 3, 6 or 12 months HERE and start getting your subscription now! Subscribe before the 15th to get the current month’s box, subscribe after the 15th to get next month’s box!

Here are more details:

Every manicure should be more than just a manicure, and that’s why StyleBox is more than just a monthly nail kit; it’s a personalized monthly style. Each month you’ll:

·         Receive $30 worth of exclusive nail products, a nail file and an orange stick right to your door
·         A style card with details on the month’s look and why it’s a popular trend
·         A special style video (on YouTube) showing you how to wear your new manicure and how to style it for a head-to-toe look
·         And most importantly, a gorgeous look that only StyleBox subscribers can get!

AND! There’s more! Starting in September, each Stylebox will be tailored to your individual style! Be it Classic, Feminine, or Trendy, you could get one of three exclusive boxes! So be sure to fill out your Style Quiz! You can change your style later, of course. Start HERE!

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