Jamberry Nail Lacquers: Beyond the Nail Wrap


Okay I admit it, I am in love with Jamberry wraps! There are so many different designs and they don’t chip or fade. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still love a good bottle of nail polish too! With that said, Jamberry has an amazing line of nail lacquer! This isn’t just a bottle of nail polish. Jamberry nail lacquer is high-end, salon quality nail polish.It goes on smooth in one coat and provides a chip-free manicure for about 3 days (or longer depending on how you use your hands)–that’s pretty good for a quick-drying polish in my opinion! And no UV light required!

They are perfect for statement nails, tiny pinky toes, or under any of our clear nail wraps! That’s right, you can layer wraps on top of the nail lacquer to customize your manicure for a totally unique look! Our Nail Lacquers are “5 free,” which means they are made without the use of Toluene, Formaldehyde, Dibutylphthalate (DBP), Camphor or Formaldehyde Resin. Check out all of our Lacquer line here, and BONUS: the rich colors are made to coordinate and match the wrap designs!

lacquer collage

Here are some awesome tips when applying Jamberry nail wraps over nail polish or lacquer:

  • Let your nail polish or lacquer fully dry and cure before applying a nail wrap. This means at least an hour later or even overnight.
  • You still should wipe your nail polish or lacquer with alcohol before applying the Jamberry nail wrap. Some lacquers contain moisturizers and need to be fully clean and dry.
  • Your nail wrap might not last a full 2 weeks when applied over a polish or lacquer, but will still look great for much longer than just polish.
  • When removing wraps applied over lacquer, use the official removal process, with nail polish remover instead of using the warm oil method.
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    1. Yes, the wrap protects the nail polish. However, the wrap will only last as long as the polish or lacquer adheres to the nail bed–the nail wrap bond to the polish is often stronger than the polish’s bond to the nail bed.

  1. Can you use the clear quick dry top coat nail lacquer on top of your jamberry’s? I have trouble with the jams after one week. Wanted to know if anyone has tried this to help them last longer.- Thanks!

    1. Hi, D! I’ve never used a top coat over jams, so I don’t have any personal experience for this. I know I’ve heard not to use any top coats over jams as it will just peel off. But if you have gel enamel, you can put that over jams and they will last a lot longer. Just buff the wrap, apply the clear base and cure, then the clear top coat and cure. Good luck! –Carolyn S.

    2. I actually put Out the Door quick dry to coat over jamberry nail wraps when I went on vacation. I wanted to help them last through Disney and multiple trips to the beach and pool. It did help cover the tiny blips where I didn’t get the wrap totally smooth, but the top coat peeled off easy, and I reapplied it twice over a week.

  2. I love the gel. Could I put base coat:top coat, base coat:top coat with the curing between layers?

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