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Happy Thanksgiving Manicure!


You would not believe the interruptions I had while doing this manicure. Granted, I wanted to do it before the kids woke up but then thought I could still get my nails done while they ate. Imagine me, sitting at the kitchen table with my Jamberry set up while 2 toddlers eat breakfast and watch […]

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Mani-Monday! Except on Thursday!


I finally made time for myself this week! My 18 month old son has finally started sleeping better to the point where I feel comfortable taking Melatonin again, so my sleep quality has really improved and I am feeling much better, whew! So this week I have been getting up an hour or so before […]

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Jamberry Nails for Nurses

nurse jams

Do these nail wrap things work? Yes! But do they work on busy hands? In a word, yes! But I’m a nurse and wash my hands like a thousand times a day! Will they work for that? Yes again! Jamberry recently had their 1 millionth customer. You don’t get to be a company that successful […]

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Do you Ombre?


I confess: I love ombre nail wraps! When I first started buying Jamberry nail wraps for myself, I was drawn to the ombre style for a couple reasons: 1st, they look pretty darn cool and aren’t a funky pattern. So they are a perfect way to ease out of a nail polish look and into […]

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About Jamberry Consultant Carolyn Showalter

Carolyn has been an Independent Jamberry Consultant since September 2014, and has been blogging about Jamberry's unique and lovable nail wraps since October. She believes Jamberry nail wraps are the best thing for unique nail art, individual expression, and simple pampering.