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The second movie of the Divergent series has just premiered and I am excited to make time to see it (eventually–hey I’m a busy mommy, ha ha). But that doesn’t mean I can’t rock out with my custom Divergent-Inspired nail wraps! Link to reserve a copy here!

I went a little cray-cray with the colors on this design and made 3 different sheets, each with their own colors! Let’s take a look at my classic Black design:

new divergent black

As you can see, these nail wrap sheets come with 3 primary designs and 1 accent design. My favorite is a punching fist over a barbed wire fence and the city skyscrapers in the background. This nail represents Tris’ fight against her system and world, escaping beyond the fence of her city and fighting to find the truth.


The second design is a tiny icon of each faction in a hexagon, with the flames of Dauntless the biggest to represent the biggest and bravest part of Tris and how she wants to be all of the factions instead of being divided. This is a great nail.


My third design is a cool take on a stripe, with the black on black sunburst design. Love this as a coordinating nail to the other two.

Next, let’s look at my first colored Divergent wraps:

divergent_color preview

These are super cool in Red and Green. I just love how they turned out! The red can represent Amity, of course. And I originally picked green not because it matched with a faction, but because of how great the designs looked in green, ha ha! But still, green can represent how the whole faction system is too limiting and Tris needs to break out of it and go beyond being just one thing or wearing just one color.

My final color scheme combines the beautiful Red with a cool Blue! The blue, of course, representing Erudite and Tris’ brother Caleb. You can wear one mani for Tris while she seeks solace and rest at Amity and another mani for Caleb, as he learns how wrong the whole faction system is while he is at Erudite. Totally appropriate for Insurgent! And this red layout is a little different, so you can buy both colored sheets and get different red looks–how thoughtful of me. You’re welcome!

divergent new red_blue preview

Well, I hope you liked this feature of my three different Divergent nail wraps in their many colors! As always, ordering info is below. Reserve yours now to get in on my next custom order happening in April! Thanks, Carolyn

How to Order a Custom Showynails Jamberry Nail Wrap

  1. Buy an eGift Card for $25 from Jamberry’s website HERE.
  2. Fill out my form HERE so I can reclaim your gift card code for you and then mail you your custom nail wraps!
  3. Please allow 4 weeks or so for delivery. Each sheet of custom nail wraps costs $25 (tax and shipping included) and is enough for 2 manicures and 2 pedicures.
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