Custom Nail Wrap Order Happening Soon!

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Hello fellow Jammers! As you should know if you read this blog, I have a bunch of custom nail wrap designs and I usually order once per month for customers and other consultants alike. Well, this month’s order is happening this THURSDAY the 18th!!

Head over to my Exclusives page to check out all my fun designs and pick your favorite! Then fill out my easy order form and include your gift card number (purchased from me or not!).

I personally am ordering my super fun Watermelon design, with great anticipation of wearing tiny watermelon slices on each toe with my Perfect Pedi Pack that is included with each sheet. I even put a dotted line on it to show you where to cut out for each little toe! I am so excited to get this!

Watermelons (Full Sheet)
Watermelons (Full Sheet)

I also have Strawberries and a fun combo sheet with both Watermelons and Strawberries for one mani and one pedi of each design.

April Exclusive: Watermelon/Strawberry (Mixed Sheet)
April Exclusive: Watermelon/Strawberry (Mixed Sheet)

There are other fun designs available too, like Dr Who, Sherlock, Comics and other cool stuff.

So remember to go to my Exclusives page and fill out my easy order form by Thursday night, June 18th! I can’t wait to see what you all want to order–I am surprised every time!

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