Do you Ombre?


I confess: I love ombre nail wraps! When I first started buying Jamberry nail wraps for myself, I was drawn to the ombre style for a couple reasons: 1st, they look pretty darn cool and aren’t a funky pattern. So they are a perfect way to ease out of a nail polish look and into a nail wrap look! 2nd, they can be worn 2 different ways! The 1st look, which I call the “catalog” look, is to use them the way they were designed. The 2nd look, is when you cut the wrap in half, reshape the blunt ends to fit your cuticle, and wear the wrap backwards! And then I discovered something amazing that made me love ombres even more!!

Each Jamberry nail wrap sheet comes with 2 rows of wraps. When you use an ombre sheet the 1st time, use just half of each row. Then when you go to use the same sheet again, you can choose to do the same look again by using the 2nd half of both rows OR you can re-cut the blunt ends to fit your cuticles, and get a completely different look!

In the example above, I used the wrap design, Adams Favorite. On my nails, the original or “catalog” look only had purple at the tips of my nails. But when I used it a 2nd time, there was just enough solid purple in each wrap to cover my nail to give me an amazing purple manicure! I was so impressed with myself. And I actually got compliments on my solid purple nails! And I even have enough left over to do a unique pedicure, I just have to re-cut the little bits left over to fit my toes and use a coordinating wrap for my big toes and I will be all set! If I had chosen to do the catalog look for my 2nd manicure, I would have had lots of little solid purple bits left over for a pedicure.

That’s what is so great with Jamberry nail wraps! There is no waste! Every little bit can be saved and used for a pedicure or cut down to fit your toddler or even your baby!

Now, don’t you want to ombre?

ombre collage

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