Everything You Wanted to Know about Jamberry’s Going, Going, Gone But Were Afraid to Ask!

jamberry going going gone

Jamberry has a new catalog coming out in a month, and in order to make room for 100+ new nail wrap designs, they retire about the same amount of current designs. February 1st is the first day these current designs will move into a new category on Jamberry’s website called “Going, Going, Gone!” for easy browsing and purchase.

Why is it called “Going, Going, Gone?”
The designs in this “GGG” category are only available to buy for a limited time! You have only until February 28th to buy any design or nail lacquer in this category.

What does it mean they are retiring?
The GGG designs will retire at the end of the month and Jamberry will not be printing or selling them again! Once they are gone, they are gone! (Of course there was the very rare exception when Jamberry brought back 12 Sister’s Style Exclusive designs for a limited time during Black Friday weekend, otherwise they are gone forever!)

Will there be a discount?
No, there is no additional discount, but the usual deal of Buy 3 Get 1 Free will apply to GGG nail wrap designs. Jamberry is a unique business in that it prints its nail wrap designs as they are ordered, so they don’t have large inventories to clear out.


Why are so many designs going away?
They clear out a lot of designs to make room for all the new ones coming in the next catalog! Jamberry already creates over 300 unique nail wrap designs, so it would be overwhelming to promote a catalog that had many more than that, believe me!

Oh no, they are retiring my favorite design ever!
This is your chance to stock up, then! You have a month to save your extra change, skip a couple lattes, and buy a couple sheets of your favorites before they are retired! Last catalog change, I bought 3 sheets of Deep Sea Ombre because it was my favorite and now I can wear them proudly, wear a couple accent nails to make them last, or easily trade them away in a trade group for something else if I ever change my mind.

But I can’t afford to stock up on my favorites right now!
Then this is the perfect chance for you to host a party and earn some hostess rewards! As long as we close out your party before Feb 28th, you will still be able to redeem your hostess rewards on your favorite retiring designs! OR if you wish, you can buy your favorite retirees now and I can apply your order to your party and you can redeem hostess rewards in March to get NEW designs from the new catalog for FREE! It’s the best of both worlds! Sign up to host an online party with me today!

ggg1collageI need to add: any wrap or lacquer bought from the GGG category can not be returned or exchanged; all sales are final for these products. Thank you!

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