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My hubby made this collage, he is great at anniversaries.

Today’s post is a love story. This Spring is my husband’s and my 10 year wedding anniversary! I can’t believe it’s been 10 years! It’s hard to believe maybe because our oldest child is still just 3 years old.

Anyway, it was 2003 and I was late for my first class of the new semester at school. There was one seat left in the back, next to a young-looking boy with dark curly hair. His name was Scott. A few days later, at another class, Scott walked in and I smiled at him so he sat next to me. It was pretty unusual to have two classes with the same person, so I was happy to know someone in that class too. School doesn’t feel as lonely when you can do it with a friend.

About a month later, this cute boy was becoming my friend and one day he asked me to go to lunch with him that day. I couldn’t because I needed to run some errands. But that led him to ask me out on a proper date! When he asked me, I didn’t even realize that it was Valentine’s Day! We had a fun first date playing glow bowling.

A few weeks later he asked me to take some pictures with him around campus. He politely asked me if we could have our first kiss and get a picture of it! I was pretty nervous and excited, but it ended up being a cute picture that we’ll have forever. I think I fell in love with him that day! The wind was blowing gently and making waves in his curly hair. We were both just content to be with each other without any expectations or worries.

I’ve always been a bit high-strung and he’s taught me to calm down and be more present. I’m a planner and he’s a dreamer. I’m the realist and he’s the optimist. We balance each other and make each other better. I wouldn’t be whole without him in my life. I think that’s the real reason it doesn’t feel like we’ve been together for 12 years: we’re just living life with our best friend at our side, so it feels like hardly any time has passed at all!

So with Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s always a special day of reminiscing and remembering how our journey started together.

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