Get your Nails “Shades of Grey” Ready with these Jamberry Nail Wraps!

50 shades custom v2 collage

The movie premiere of the amazingly successful best-selling book, 50 Shades of Grey, is quickly upon us and I’m here to hook you up with shades of gray Jamberry nail wraps! Because even though I’m doing all pink for February, I understand that red, pink, and hearts aren’t for every woman. Some women just want a good black and white mani!

First, I must highlight my 2 exclusive designs that I created for Black Friday. These designs are classic and classy and are appropriate for any occasion:

black argyle

My Shades of Gray Argyle design is a great diamond argyle pattern in shades of gray. Classic, classy, and still feminine.

black ginghamMy Black Moon Gingham design is a great nail wrap with a classic black gingham pattern and a black moon at the cuticle end. I am obsessed with any “moon” designs–they are such a statement on the nails! And gingham is a pattern that never goes out of style.

Both of my exclusive designs can be reserved HERE!

Now there are the lovely Jamberry designs to highlight:

Moon Glass: An amazing sparkle wrap that glitters in shades of black and silver. Very fluid and has lots of movement in the design.

Chalkboard Hearts: A classic option for those who want to acknowledge that a romantic holiday is upon us but want to stay in the black and white color palette.

Gray and White Polka: Polka dots are so classy and cute. They can be flirty and fun.

Gray and Silver Horizontal Pinstripe: Classic stripes in gray and silver. How could you go wrong?

Veiled: A sparkle polka dot option with mini Swiss dots in black over a silver sparkle background.

Tight Knit: A really fun sweater pattern in shades of gray. It’s always sweater weather when you wear these nail wraps!

Metallic Berry: A sweet gray wrap with a metallic floral pattern. It looks a lot like silver polka dots and is really great on hands.

Tinted Classics: A mix and match nail wrap sheet with a tinted gray background and black designs on top. Very classic.

Petit Point: A cute asymmetrical floral design on a gray background.

Click here to browse more black and white Jamberry nail wraps! And see this post to view all the black and white designs that are retiring at the end of the month. These Going, Going, Gone wraps are all cool and cover a lot of different tastes from Goth to Rock, to Flirty and Fun. Check them out!


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  1. I love the 2 custom designs you made for 50 shades of gray. Is there any way to still get those?

    1. Hi Natalie! Thank you so much for the compliment! Yes, you can still get these designs, but you’d have to pay the full cost instead of getting the bulk discount price of $25/ea. If you are a consultant you can get a gift card from yourself and paypal me the balance. I believe ordering 2 wraps would cost about $54 but would ship right to you! Let me know :) Carolyn S.

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