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When I first starting wearing Jams, I thought Florals were absolutely not for me. Like at all. I liked a conservative look so I was drawn to the Ombres, and French Tips. Then the graphic designer in me started liking the Graphic Punch wraps so I started branching out. My first floral design I bought was Carmen Ombre, because it was an ombre. But when I put it on my nails, I fell in love! I love florals now!  I love how each nail is different than the other and the patterns have so much movement. They are simply beautiful.

But all good things must end, and these Going Going Gone Floral designs are being retired at the end of the month to make way for some more new floral designs in the new catalog. So if you have hesitated getting a floral design thinking it was too far outside of your comfort zone, start with a tone-on-tone look to ease your way in and I promise you, you will get hooked on Florals just like I did!

jamberry sse serendipity

Serendipity: This is February’s Sister’s Style Exclusive, and just like the other Going, Going, Gone wraps, these too will be retired at the end of the month. Women are giddy to get this bold magenta floral this month. It looks great by itself, or paired up with Black and White Skinny Stripe, Rose Gold Sparkle, or even Eclipse. It is a matte finish wrap.

jamberry azure rose

Azure Rose: I overlooked this amazing gem for 6 months until just a few days ago and simply put, this design is incredible! The roses are just the right size, the blue is a clear sky blue and the movement of the floral pattern is very flattering on hands. It just suffers from a bad catalog image! My husband is about to ground me for putting in another Going Going Gone order so I can get this beauty before it is gone!

jamberry beauty in bloom

Beauty in Bloom: This lovely hot pink floral is on a dark yellow background and is super cute on nails. I just got it in my last order and was very tempted to wear it right away for my pink manicures month in February. It looks great with Orchid Glimmer or Kiss Me Ombre. I featured it in a Polyvore outfit recently.

jamberry blooming splendor

Blooming Splendor: This is one of the most underrated designs that I know of. This is a very special “There’s More” design, with 3 different designs on the sheet, and only one of those is a floral. The other two are graphic designs that remind me of specialty wrapping paper. It might be an OCD thing with me, but with this wrap sheet, I like each design by itself and not as much together as a mix and match manicure. But with any other sheet, there are plenty of wraps to cut into to make a custom manicure that is all your own.

jamberry daisy doodle

Daisy Doodle: This is a really colorful, bold design that looks like a child’s drawing. It is super cute for mommys, teachers, art students, or women who love bold designs.

jamberry flirty flair

Flirty Flair: This is a fun floral over a raspberry stripe. The flowers are big and bold yellow to make a real statement. You will attract attention wearing this as your manicure, it is really fun!

jamberry floral noir

Floral Noir: This is a really dramatic black and white floral with vertical stripes. It is a great wrap if you are drawn to black and white manicures but want to soften the effect with a floral.

jamberry flower shop

Flower Shop: This is a really beautiful floral that looks like a watercolor painting. The colors are muted and subdued but still look great with any outfit and any season! This is probably the most versatile floral design of the bunch (pun intended, ha ha). If you haven’t yet tried a floral, this is a great design for your first foray into the Garden Party section.

jamberry forget the rules

Forget The Rules: This is a big bold floral over a black and white houndstooth pattern. It really makes a statement, that’s for sure! Also available in a matte version.

jamberry imperial

Imperial: This is a richly colored floral on a teal background. I just love this one, and am going to order another sheet before it is gone forever because I recently fell in love with teal and must have all the teal nails! Each side of the wrap sheet is a little different due to the floral pattern so you can get two distinct looks with one wrap sheet, it is amazing! Also available in a matte version, as well as a French Tip.

Lazy afternoon jamberry

Lazy Afternoon: This is another unique floral with pink and white flowers over a polka dot background. It is super cute for the spring and summer and won’t be available to buy after this month!

jamberry orchid garden

Orchid Garden: This is a sweet multi colored floral on a purple background. It is part of the Orchid series, which was the color of the year for 2014. Jamberry is retiring most, but not all, of the orchid designs for this catalog change. I like this floral because the flowers are a great scale and you can see plenty of the purple orchid color behind the floral pattern.

jamberry petit point

Petit Point: This is an assymetrical reverse french tip floral on a gray background. It is really interesting on nails, but the gray color makes it more suited for a fall nail so that’s probably why it’s being retired this month.

jamberry porcelain

Porcelain: This is a simple blue and white Willow pattern reminiscent of fine china. It is another undervalued gem in this catalog and will be missed when it is gone.

jamberry promised

Promised: This is an amazing multi-colored floral on an orange background (Persimmon, if you wish to mix it with a solid). I absolutely love this floral! This was one of three sister designs, Secret Promise–with an aqua background, Promised–on the Persimmon background, and Sunday Brunch–on a white background. But only Promised is being retired this month. I am really happy I snagged a copy of this, I just love it!

jamberry twilight blossom tip

Twilight Blossom Tip: This is a French Tip with a pink tinted clear section covering the nail, which is super flattering over your natural nail. The flowers are nice and creamy on a dark blue background. It is a really great addition to the French tip collection, so I’m sad to see it go. Regular Twilight Blossoms is not retiring this month.

I hope you enjoyed browsing all the retiring floral options in the Going, Going, Gone section! Remember, these wraps are all retiring at the end of the month, so get them while you can! And when ordering any GGG nail wraps, the Buy 3 Get 1 Free deal still applies, so look forward to that discount!

Also, please note that as these designs are retiring, you will not be able to return or exchange any wraps or lacquer bought from this category. So take your time and decide on the right style for you. But if you do change your mind, I will gladly hook you up with a trade group so you can trade your wrap or lacquer for something more to your liking.

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