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ggg french tip collage

Oh my word, Jamberry is clearing out 25 out of 35 total French Tip designs, both traditional French Tips, reverse french tips, and asymmetrical designs. It’s almost too much, I can’t look! Here are my top picks for french tips (you can see the whole list HERE):

jamberry forget me not tip

Forget Me Not Tips (all links are for Mid-length, you can get short and long as well by clicking on the GGG category): This is a cute floral tip with a pink tinted nail bed. I love how the flowers are such a small scale, you can really tell it is a floral not just a collage of colors on the finger tips. It also comes in a full coverage floral, (not being retired) Forget Me Not.

jamberry happy go lucky tip

Happy Go Lucky Tips: This is a french tip of a beautiful diamond pattern. The Happy Go Lucky full coverage wrap has been around a long time and it is hard to say good bye to it now as well. The French Tip version was a new addition for the spring and it is a great colorful tip option with a clear nail bed.

jamberry true love red tip

True Love Tips: Having a red french tip isn’t a new thing with Jamberry, prior to the True Love color, there was Fire Engine Red. So maybe they’ll replace it with yet another shade of red tip in the Fall catalog. I loved the creative option of layering two colors of tips to make unique french mani that looks like a million bucks!

jamberry french tip layering
While this photo highlights a Christmas design, you can see how cute it is to layer two French tips together to make a super special French mani, oh wow!

jamberry zebra tip

Zebra Tip: This is a great fun wrap with a small-scale zebra stripe to make a cute french tip. It has a clear nail bed. This is a classic french style, I can’t believe Jamberry is retiring it!jamberry orchid tip

Orchid Tip: Orchid was the color of the year for 2014, so it’s no wonder Jamberry is clearing out the rest of the orchid designs now. But I have a soft spot for Orchid Tip as I included it in my first ever Jamberry order! It was also my first jamicure on both fingers and toes! It’s hard to say good bye to a great wrap with sentimental value, but hopefully it will be replaced by something even better!

jamberry french tip bows

French Bows: Um, what?! How can Jamberry get rid of such a cute and classic design? My idea is to keep the design, but streamline it by getting rid of the dots and making the nude color clear or pink-tinted like the rest of the French tips. But bows? Gotta have it.jamberry china rose tip

China Rose Tips: This is another floral with a muted palette on an off-white background. The flowers are a good scale for a french tip, and the nail bed is covered by a pink tint. Very cute! It also comes in a full coverage floral (also retiring), China Rose.jamberry black french tip

Black Tips: This is another wrap that makes me say, “HUH?!” How can you get rid of black tips?! It’s one step away from getting rid of white tips! Inconceivable! You have to get this wrap, as it is perfect for layering with other french tips or on top of solid wraps to make unique manicures.

jamberry uno mo mo

Uno Mo Mo: This is so cute! I can’t believe they are getting rid of all three mustache designs. Like, um what? This is designed like a reverse french tip but in traditional french colors of nude and white. Seriously, this mustache is so cute, how will I ever say goodbye!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my Top Picks for the French Tip style Going Going Gone nail wraps! You have until August 31st to finish your wish lists and make your purchases. But don’t delay, once these designs are gone, they are gone forever! When ordering any GGG nail wraps, the Buy 3 Get 1 Free deal still applies, so look forward to that discount!

Also, please note that as these designs are retiring, you will not be able to return or exchange any wraps or lacquer bought from this category. So take your time and decide on the right style for you. Thanks!

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