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I was just perusing the new catalog (available only to consultants until September 1st) and I have been looking at all the new designs to come. But just because they are new doesn’t necessarily mean they are better than the ones being retired August 31st. Here are my Top Must Have Nails before they are discontinued forever!

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French Tips: All of them! Seriously, they are not being replaced. If you like colored tips or floral tips, or fun tips, get them all! See my previous article on my Top Picks for French Tips!

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Darkest Black Glossy: No, there will not be a similar design in the new catalog. How can black nails go out of style? Well, there will still be options for dark nails, but solid black glossy will not be one.

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Tints: The only solid tint they are keeping is Haute Pink Tint. All other new solid colors will only be available in glossy, matte, sparkle, etc but not tint. So if you love layering tints over other wraps, or enjoy a gel manicure look without all the hassle, get all the tints now before they are gone: Adam’s Favorite Tint, Daydream Tint, True Love Tint, Boysenberry Tint

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Sports: Unless you prefer your Volleyballs hot pink, snag a copy of Serve It Up (on clear). Hockey will also not be represented as a sport in the next catalog, so get that as well. Namaste is a gorgeous ombre wrap and there is no replacement for it in the fall. If you are a cheer fan, you need to snag your copy of Cheerleaders and Rowdie! Of course, the cheerleaders design will still be available for customization through Nail Art Studio.

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Just for Fun Wraps: When I see the mustaches in Mo Mo and Uno Mo Mo, I can’t help but smile. The Juniors wraps “French Tip Bows & Little Mo Mo,” and Bright Imagination are also super fun. I absolutely love the sense of humor in wraps like Sugar Rush and others. The new Fall catalog is very upscale and sophisticated but seems to have left their sense of humor behind.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my Must-Haves for the Going Going Gone nail wraps! You only have until the end of the month to finish your wish lists and make your purchases, so don’t delay! Once these designs are gone, they are gone forever! When ordering any GGG nail wraps, the Buy 3 Get 1 Free deal still applies, so look forward to that discount! Also, please note that as these designs are retiring, you will not be able to return or exchange any wraps or lacquer sets bought from this category. So take your time and decide on the right style for you. Thanks!

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