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ggg polka dots jamberry collage

This is my second of several Going, Going, Gone wrap style features, and today I want to highlight all the classic polka dot designs that are retiring this month.

Polka dot nails are so fun, go with many other wrap styles, and can be easily dressed up or down depending on your taste. This month, more than 10 polka dot designs will retire, never to be sold again. So if polkas are your thing, you need to check out all the GGG designs so you don’t miss your favorites!

jamberry progression

Progression: This wrap features different sized polka dots running across the nails on a nude background color. It is a really neat design if you like polka dots!

jamberry veiled

Veiled: This great wrap style is a simple silver sparkle with a black Swiss dot on top. Very classy.

boysenberry polka jamberry

Icy Boysenberry Polka: This is a dark plum colored wrap with sparkling polka dots. It works well with the other Boysenberry wraps and is a great color for Fall.

Pomegranate pop jamberry

Pomegranate Pop: This is another Boysenberry polka, with orange mini Swiss dots. Very cute, I am partial to the Swiss dot polkas.

painted polka jamberry

Painted Polka: This is a fun polka in rainbow colors, it is very versatile and super fun!

icy rose polka jamberry

Icy Rose Polka: This is a metallic polka wrap, (versus a sparkle polka like Icy Boysenberry) in a sweet salmon color. It looks great with floral wraps in pink or orange.

orchid polka jamberry

Orchid Polka: This is a great light purple wrap with white polka dots. Very classic and matches well with the other retiring Orchid designs.

loud mouth jamberry

Loud Mouth: This super fun wrap sheet features 3 different designs on one sheet for amazing mix and match manicures. I didn’t care for the yellow “loud mouth” design, but the other two are super cute Swiss dots with little bombs or comics eyes on them. I just love how versatile this wrap is, matching the style of Popstar, and the colors in Mad Hatter. So sad to see this one go!

grape lolly jamberry

Grape Lolly: This is a deep purple wrap with mini Swiss dots. I just love this one, it matches well with the purple in Adams Favorite.

icy pink polka jamberry

Icy Pink Polka: This is a great hot pink wrap with metallic silver polkas. It is a straight metallic wrap, not a sparkle. And it is so cute for Spring and Summer, I can’t imagine why they are letting it go!

Lazy afternoon jamberry

Lazy Afternoon: This is a rare nail wrap in that it is a polka and a floral! Get your sweet polka fix with a cute floral at the same time. Very cute!

sprinkled Jamberry

Sprinkled: This fun wrap features multi colored Swiss dots on a dark blue background. I love this one!

I hope you enjoyed browsing all the retiring polka dot options in the Going, Going, Gone section! Remember, these wraps are all retiring at the end of the month, so get them while you can! And when ordering any GGG nail wraps, the Buy 3 Get 1 Free deal still applies, so look forward to that discount!

Also, please note that as these designs are retiring, you will not be able to return or exchange any wraps or lacquer bought from this category. So take your time and decide on the right style for you. But if you do change your mind, I will gladly hook you up with a trade group so you can trade your wrap or lacquer for something more to your liking.

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