Going, Going, Gone: The List is Out!

ggg aug 2015 square

It is August 1st, and this month is seeing many, many designs retiring and a few of those are complete shockers! Here are my first impressions of the newly announced list of retiring designs. (For more info about GGG, read my previous article “Everything You Wanted to Know About GGG But Were Afraid to Ask”)

  1. More designs than ever are retiring this time around. While the number is usually around 100 unique designs, this cycle Jamberry is retiring 130 wraps! Oh wow!
  2. So many NEW designs are retiring! These designs were just released in the Spring catalog and now it’s time to say goodbye already!
  3. A few classic designs are going away, designs I thought were timeless staples that would never retire! These include: Darkest Black (whaaaa?!), Black and White Check, Uno Mo Mo and Mo Mo plus the Juniors version, and Navy Stripe. Inconceivable!
  4. They included 3 Marsala wraps! Marsala is the Color of the Year, why would you retire this color half way through the year? Perplexing.
  5. And yet, only 2 lacquer sets are retiring and no individual lacquer colors! This is really unusual and tells me that Jamberry is expanding their 5-free lacquer line and color collection.

While it is sad to see so many designs on the list of retiring designs, we don’t need to freak out quite yet. Jamberry gives us a full month to pick our favorites, host party to earn rewards, and get excited about all the new possibilities that will come as of September 1st. Start shopping HERE!

*Very Important Information Update!* Look very carefully at the GGG category and make sure you know what you are ordering before you add it to your cart. In many cases, a design has 2 current finishes (such as glossy and matte) and only ONE of those finishes is retiring, meaning the other finish is NOT retiring and will still be available for purchase come Sept 1st. You must be sure of which you are ordering as all GGG sales are FINAL! Thank you!*

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