Happy Thanksgiving Manicure!


You would not believe the interruptions I had while doing this manicure. Granted, I wanted to do it before the kids woke up but then thought I could still get my nails done while they ate. Imagine me, sitting at the kitchen table with my Jamberry set up while 2 toddlers eat breakfast and watch Netflix on Mommy’s phone:

  • I get 2 nails wrapped
  • “Mom, more Rex!” Netflix auto play has failed me.
  • I get 2 more nails wrapped
  • “Mom, all done, all done, all done!” Proceed to wipe child with damp rag
  • I get 3 more nails done
  • “Mom, I go poop next!” Yeah. Wiping butts.
  • I get the rest slapped on
  • “Dag nabbit bleep bleep!” My husband slipped on black ice outside while taking out the trash and now he needs emergency medical attention. There was blood.
  • Get both toddlers dressed. This involves cloth diapers with snaps, zippers and buttons.
  • Go back and file nails. Done! Perfect!

Can your manicure do that?!


Jamberry nail wraps used: #arrowjn and #candychevronjn (retired)

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