Hey Jamberry, Where Are My Glimmers?

new glimmer collage

Now that the new Spring catalog has been out for a while, you may have noticed that there aren’t any “Glimmer” finish wrap options anymore. Yes, it’s true, Jamberry has done away with the term “Glimmer” and is instead grouping them in with the other “Metallic” nail wraps. But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist!

I actually think it was a mistake to do away with the term because there are now two kinds of Metallic wraps and you can’t always tell which one you are going to be receiving from just the thumbnail preview image. The traditional Metallic nail wraps have just a portion of the nail design actually metallic and reflect light, while most of the nail is a solid glossy color. A good example of this is Urban Lights, where most of the nail is a glossy dark gray and only the triangles are gold and reflect the light as a metallic color. And a new example is the gorgeous Swept Away, where a floral design shines in copper over a glossy berry background.

This is in contrast to the “Glimmer” style of wrap where the entire wrap was metallic despite it having color. In Glimmer wraps, traditionally just solid colors, the entire wrap is glossy and metallic and reflects light much like a colored foil wrapping paper. In these terms, Mirror Gold Metallic is actually a Glimmer wrap, as well as Chrome Silver and Rose Gold. The new offering from this catalog is the metallic black nail wrap, Tungsten. This is a new “glimmer” wrap, though it is no longer called that.

I hope I haven’t confused you! I love metallic wraps, especially the glimmer styles. But now that the term is retired, we will have to come up with a new descriptive word to describe wraps that are all-metallic versus wraps that are partially-metallic. Maybe glimmery?

I have previously mentioned that Midnight Celebration is actually a glimmer wrap (oops, I mean glimmery!), because the entire wrap is metallic and reflects light in both the black and  the silver sparkles at the cuticle. It is also gorgeous!

midnight cele collage

Here are the other “hidden” glimmery wraps offered in the new catalog:

I mentioned Tungsten Metallic above, and here is the thumbnail of it. It is a rich metallic black, reminiscent of the retired Tempest Glimmer.

tungsten collage

Mermaid Tales: Yes, these are a beautiful glimmery wrap, with the cool ombre colors reflecting back in a mirror finish.

mermaid collage

Siren Song: Similar to Mermaid Tales, this entire nail wrap is a beautiful gold ombre metallic reflecting the light back in a spectrum of colors.

siren collage

Digi Scan: This deep blue nail wrap is entirely metallic and is gorgeous! Anyone else think instantly of Dr Who when they saw this one? The color is spot on and the metallic silver “bar code” design looks just like Tardis markings. Was this intentional? I don’t know, but I think Dr Who fans will love this one.

digi collage

Butterfly Effect: This fun nail wrap design mimics a butterfly’s wings on each nail over a solid glimmery dark gold background.

butterfly effect collage

While we only get one new solid colored glimmery wrap for this catalog, there are rumors that there will be more offered in the Fall catalog, so stay tuned for that coming September 1st. I personally love the glimmer finish and now that Jamberry has done away with the term, I realize how needed a term like it was to distinguish one partial metallic nail wrap from another full metallic wrap. Of course that would mean changing the names of Mirror Gold Metallic to Mirror Gold Glimmer. But they could have then expanded the use of the term to describe Midnight Celebration and the new wraps as well. However, that was not the decision Jamberry made. Oh well, their ways are not my ways, ha ha.

Enjoy browsing all the Metallic nail wrap options here! And you can always look for pictures of these on hands on instagram or facebook using the #(wrap name)jn hashtag. Thanks for reading!


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