Having a Jamberry Fundraiser can be a super fun and new way to earn funds for your charity, school or organization!


Jamberry Fundraisers are so easy! They’re free! You don’t have to buy any inventory up front! All you do is sign up, schedule a time frame (Jamberry allows up to 4 weeks), and work with me to plan! We can create a printable flyer and get you catalogs for in-person sales, and we can coordinate with Facebook to have an online party as well! Online parties are a great way to tell everyone about your cause, learn about Jamberry products available, and play games and win prizes!

I can also create a custom nail wrap design especially for you and your fundraiser. Wearing custom nail wraps is so fun and it is a great way to attract attention to your sport, charity, school, or organization after the fundraiser is over.

These are Official Licensed Collegiate wraps, but I can work with you to design something just for your Fundraiser! Polka dots, chevrons, stripes, the possibilities are endless!

Jamberry offers 10% of every sale back to your fundraiser, and as your consultant I am willing to match that out of my commissions for another 10%. Jamberry will then write a check made out to an official organization, school, or charity.

Not an organization or charity but still need a fundraiser? I can work with you to make a fundraiser a reality for you too! In cases like these, I would consider your cause and offer a portion of my commissions in exchange for any hostess rewards earned. For instance, if you are in need of purchasing medical equipment, getting an assistance dog, raising money for a divorce or custody hearings, or other special cause, I’d love to hear about it. You just need to have the right attitude and online friends to make your fundraiser a success!

Contact me at to start the conversation about Fundraising today!

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