Hunting the Future Jamberry Unicorns Now!

new unicorn collage3

Speculating on which current designs might become Unicorns* in the future has been a fun exercise for me! I think any design that looks better on hands than it does in the catalog has a decent chance of becoming someone’s Unicorn after it is retired. Below are my top picks for future Unicorns, which are all available to buy NOW! Even if you don’t think you’d wear them yourself, if you ever come across a Unicorn you fall in love with, it makes trading easier when you have something to trade with. So looking at Jamberry’s Fall/Winter 2014 Catalog, I have picked:

  • Turkish Delight: in the thumbnail it looks dark—almost brown. But on hands it is pretty special. The whole sheet is a large floral-esque pattern in deep orange outlined in bright blue.
  • Loud Mouth: This is a “there’s more” wrap style with 3 different patterns. The mouths on yellow which they picked for the thumbnail looks obnoxious. But the other 2 patterns are mini polka dots, which are actually pretty awesome.
  • Blooming Splendor: This is also a “there’s more” pattern and I LOVE it! I have decided I need to buy at least 2 more sheets, ha ha. I am not in love with the pictured pattern of an orange flower on blue. But the other 2 patterns are simply fantastic! I’m thinking birthday manicures for a couple years to come!
  • Widow’s Web: This is another “There’s More” pattern. It is a Halloween design, and honestly I don’t like it at all. But the red and black pattern is actually quite versatile as an accent nail. I could see this becoming coveted not for the spiders, but for that one design of the unicorn collage2
  • Porcelain: This is a simple blue and white “willow” pattern commonly seen on fine china. I think in the catalog this pattern gets overlooked and passed by because of the floral patterns it is next to. But it is actually quite lovely on nails, and could become coveted in the future.
  • Mad Hatter: I just got this one and it is AMAZING! I think people will underrate it because it is one floral design among many. But the black and white diagonal stripe can create an amazing look on your nail and there are just enough flowers to where it isn’t crowded. I can’t wait to wear this design and possibly buy another sheet of it.
  • Crash Art: I don’t gravitate towards the sparkle wraps. I do own a few and while they look amazing, I just don’t find myself wanting to wear them ever. But for those that love sparkles, this design is amazing. It looks dark in the catalog, but in person it looks like sparkly stained glass and is quite versatile as a holiday wrap or for special occasions and is probably underrated. I add Chameleonaire for the exact same reasons as Crash Art.
  • Chalkboard Hearts: This design is an oldie but goodie and when it finally retires, I think many women will be rediscovering how great it is and be wishing they had it!
  • Any Glimmer wrap: I don’t know why, but not enough women know how great the Glimmer wraps are. There are only a few colors available in Glimmer each catalog, so get them while you can. This catalog has Permission, which is a vibrant orange and in the Glimmer finish, it looks like polished copper! Berry Blue, Fire Engine, and Orchid. Glimmers are different than sparkle wraps in that they are metallic but not glittery. And they are different than the mirror metallic finishes in that they reflect light but not objects like a mirror would. I can’t wait to get more glimmer wraps, be they current or retired! I just love them!

new unicorn collage1

*A unicorn, in Jamberry terms, is a wrap style that is retired or rare but has somehow become your favorite. It is a wrap design that you must have! It is different for everyone.

The moral of the story is when you find a current wrap design that you absolutely fall in love with and know you will want to wear more than twice (such as a holiday wrap that you want to wear every year), buy it! Jamberry wraps have no shelf life, so they can be safely stored and worn years later, unlike drug store nail appliques. Or if a design seems to you like it might become a unicorn after it is retired (such as a design that looks better on hands than it does in the catalog), go ahead and buy one or two. You may not want it for yourself now, but it will be valuable if you happen to fall in love with a different retired design later. Suddenly, a trade will become an easy way to get your elusive Unicorn!

Be sure to read my Part 1 of this article, Hunting the Jamberry “Unicorn!”

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