Hunting the Jamberry “Unicorn”

unicorn collage

I have just recently joined a Jamberry nails trades group and have learned about Jamberry Unicorns! A unicorn, in Jamberry terms, is a wrap style that is retired or rare but has somehow become your favorite. It is a wrap design that you must have! It is different for everyone. This is really exciting to me as I grow in my Jamberry journey and learn more about Jamberry’s style evolution.

Jamberry releases a new catalog with new designs twice a year. The month before the catalog launch, they retire many designs to make room for the newbies. These retiring designs are put into their own category called “Going, Going, Gone!” Last August they retired more than 100 designs! That is a whole month to stock up on your favorites, and I encourage you to look many times at that list because once a design is retired, it is gone! The only way to get a retired wrap is to do a trade, and they are never available to purchase*. Other ways to get a retired wrap is to get one as your bonus wrap in your Starter Kit (I got a retired wrap in mine, he he), or if you go to a Jamberry Conference as a consultant and buy retired designs as seconds. (Seconds are wraps that did not pass inspection from quality control. Seconds can not be sold but trading with another consultant for a different design is okay. It would be most fair to trade a second for another second.)

Since I have a few retired designs, I decided to poke around the trade group to see if they were desired by others. I do have a couple! Just in browsing, I noticed that there are a lot of different tastes! Some people want to collect all of the sparkle wraps. Some want all of the glimmer wraps. And still others want geometric designs with bold colors. Almost everyone loves the retired ombres (of which I have many!). Just as there are 300 current styles available at Jamberry to suit every personality and style, that individuality carries over into the realm of trade groups.

The more time a wrap has been retired, the more rare it will be and the harder it will be to find. Probably because these older wraps are slowly getting used up as beautiful manicures! That, or women are putting them in safety deposit boxes and are planning their funeral outfit around a most-coveted “unicorn” wrap design. Ha, ha.

retired collage

Some of my favorite retired designs include:

  • Popstar: a Warhol-esque, comics wrap design, even though I prefer my custom comics designs–I have 2 now and plan on mixing and matching.
  • Sunset Beach: an orange and yellow ombre with a palm tree
  • Flutterby: a butterfly design paired with a pink and orange ombre
  • Poised plaid: a navy blue and orange plaid—I missed out on getting this, it was on my wish list for a long time but got replaced at the last minute. Now I’m wondering what I can offer in trade for it!
  • Art Class: a black, blue, and red paint brush design—very rock and roll
  • Tempest Glimmer: so gorgeous in person, so glad I got this design! It was part of my very first order. Love it! Midnight Celebration is practically the same wrap but with silver speckles
  • Stone Glimmer: I didn’t know how gorgeous this was until after it was retired, now it is on my Unicorn list!
  • Candy Chevron: I got one sheet thinking I would use it for my daughter but I actually really like it for myself!
  • Floral Oasis: this was November’s Sister’s Style Exclusive and I’m so glad I got 2 sheets! It is absolutely perfect for the Fall and Winter, and it has lavender on it as well as tiny butterflies. Love it!

retired collage2

The moral of the story is when you find a current wrap design that you absolutely fall in love with and know you will want to wear more than twice (such as a holiday wrap that you want to wear every year), buy it! Jamberry wraps can be safely stored and worn up to 3 years later, unlike drug store nail appliques. Or if a design seems to you like it might become a unicorn after it is retired (such as a design that looks better on hands than it does in the catalog), go ahead and buy one or two. You may not want it for yourself now, but it will be valuable if you happen to fall in love with a different retired design later. Suddenly, a trade will become an easy way to get your elusive Unicorn!

Be sure to read Part 2 of this article, Hunting the Future Jamberry Unicorns Now!

*Consultants are not allowed to sell to other consultants. This includes retired designs and hostess exclusives. Trading is okay, but to be fair, a trade should be a current wrap for a current wrap, a retired wrap for a retired wrap and so forth. Consultants are not allowed to sell wraps for more than purchase price, even if they are retired and rare. Customers should never buy from a consultant for more than purchase price. Customers should only buy Jamberry wraps from a consultant’s Jamberry shopping site. Be aware that there is no guarantee from Jamberry when you buy from an outlet that is not a consultant’s official Jamberry shopping site. If you are a customer you are allowed to sell your own property as you see fit.


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  1. How do I find a group to trade half sheets? I have a TON that I’d love to trade but don’t know where to look.

    1. Hi! The easiest way is on Facebook! Do a search for “Jamberry Trade Group” and you should get a list of relevant ones. I personally am in “Jamberry Tradesies” which is strictly for trading, not selling. It has 9,000 members but can have drama at times which I find amusing. I’ve heard of others, though, so look for one with a description that you like and request to join. You will get a notification of when an admin adds you, so you can click in and start scouting it out. Each group has its own rules, so be sure to read those (usually pinned to the top of the posts) and get familiar with the abbreviations. Good luck!

    2. Hi! I’m currently in quite a few trading groups and even an exclusive unicorn group. If you want to add me on Facebook I will add you. I would love yo see what you have! I absolutely love trading! One of my favorite things! My full name is my Facebook name. :)

  2. Did you see that today for Throw Back Thursday Jamberry has released Popstar until the 9th of May (or while supplies last- whichever happens first)!!!
    I love it with the Mother’s Day Packs A Punch Set!!!!!

    1. Yes, very exciting! Of course, I already have 1 and a half sheets so no need for more!! –Carolyn S.

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