I’m a Gem! October’s Stylebox by Jamberry is here!

october sb unboxed

I got my Stylebox! It was funny because in my workstation it was still marked as pack-slipped and I hadn’t even received a shipping notice! How fun!

I got the mail after dinner and saw the box, then when my kids were in the bath I snuck into the bedroom to open it! My Feminine exclusive wraps are gorgeous! The purple ombre sparkle is a luster finish! (That’s like a matte sparkle), and the glossy wraps have a lot of depth to them with their multi-colored grassy leaves. I am so happy to be a Stylebox Subscriber!

october sb luster ombre

What’s your style? Are you an Amethyst, a Ruby, or an Emerald? With 3 Styleboxes to choose from, you can pick your signature style with ease!

stylebox october youre a gem

More info about Stylebox in my previous article! Order your Stylebox subscription HERE, and be sure to sign up before October 15th to get October’s box!!

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