Important Announcement!

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Hi All! This is an important announcement from Carolyn, aka “Showynails!” As I’ve just had my 3rd baby, I’ve got a lot less time for blogging, selling, or partying so I’ve dropped my account down to “Hobbyiest.”

What this means:

  • I still love nail wraps and Jamberry products
  • I will still have a presence on my trading Facebook groups and fan groups
  • I won’t have a custom website for ordering anymore
  • If you want to order from me, you can still do so, BUT I will have to put your order in for you in my workstation. Email me at:
  • I will no longer be sending out Hostess Packets, samples, or doing online parties
  • I will keep this blog up as a fan site/resource. I plan on going through and taking down my outdated website links eventually.
  • I will keep my Instagram account (@showynails) to continue posting mani pics
  • I will keep my YouTube tutorials to be a resource, but will remove other videos as I see fit.

Thank you all to those who hosted parties with me, purchased Jamberry through my website, and all the other consultants who found my blog to be a great resource for information and jam-love!

May we all keep having pretty nails as we go into 2016!

–Carolyn S.

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    1. Thank you so much for all that you have done. As a new consultant it was great to be able to watch your videos and read your blog. Have a great time with your growing family!!

    2. Congratulations on your new baby!!!! Enjoy every moment because it goes way too fast. I just took my oldest to DMV to get paperwork for her learner’s permit. YIKES!

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