Jamberry Brings Back Retired Designs in a New Way for Spring 2015: Part 1

then and now 1

I have so much to say about each of these nail wraps that I’ve divided my article up into parts. Enjoy this Part 1 and look forward to reading the next part soon!

This has been the most talked-about and highly praised catalog launch in years and I feel that is for many reasons: #1, Jamberry finally came out with multiple conservative nail wraps that are so excellent for women in a conservative work environment who need a quiet nail but still want the pampering and finished look a nail wrap can deliver. #2, The designs in this catalog are so feminine, so versatile, and so trendy all at the same time. They perfectly captured the Pantone Palette of the season, expanding their Sparkling Solids collection to have a great variety of colors. They also expanded the number of clear designs offered, which are so great for layering or alone to get different looks with each use. And finally, #3, they brought back a handful of sought-after retired designs but with a hip, trendy new look. Here is the list, I am so excited to share this with you! (Note, there will be pictures of retired designs featured below for reference.)

aug to whisper
The retired August Hostess Exclusive was a rich navy with a green pattern. The new Whisper design is white on clear for a multitude of looks: shown here over Stormy Seas and Amazon Lacquers. (pic credit to @jam_with_us)

Then: August 2014 Hostess Exclusive
Now: Whisper (on clear)
This design is really special to me because I hosted my first ever party in August 2014 and I really really looked forward to getting it with my hostess rewards. Except that I redeemed my rewards in September and so I got the September exclusive instead of August! Gasp! I was finally able to get my hands on a sheet though trading a couple of months ago and it is gorgeous! So when I saw Whisper in the new catalog, I knew exactly what it was. When layered over a dark color like navy blue, teal, or dark green, you can achieve the same look as the August exclusive! Yes, yes, yes!

twit to love

Then: Twitterpated
Now: Love Spell (sparkle)
The original Twitterpated was a black stripe and heart design on bubblegum pink and was available as a limited time holiday wrap. This new Love Spell wrap is also only available until April 15th, so snag up your copy of this before time runs out! The new Mixed Mani wrap combines the original design in 2 colors, silver with boysenberry stripes and hearts and the opposite of boysenberry sparkle and silver stripes and hearts. The third design is a solid boysenberry with a small white heart on each nail. It is so cute and sparkly, one of my husband’s favorites by far! I am kinda sorta not surprised it has been in the Top 20 on Jamberry’s web site since its debut.

dec to leo

Then: December 2014 Stylebox Exclusive
Now: Leo, Geo & Lace (on clear)
I personally loved this exclusive wrap when it debuted in December. I would still like to trade for it someday, but for now I can get the similar but white design in Leo, Geo & Lace. This clear design is so versatile for layering–you seriously can get looks that are totally unique when you use clear wraps.

bella to swept

Then: Bella Romantica
Now: Swept Away
Bella Romantica was a black wrap with metallic copper filigree, and I believe it was a Sister Style Exclusive when it was available. It really is a romantic wrap, being classic black and classy metallic for when you are feeling fancy. It seemed to be the most highly sought-after wrap in the trades group for a long time, as it is so classy and versatile. The new Swept Away wrap is the same design in a rich plum color and metallic gold filigree. Gorgeous!

And people used to say Jamberry never brought back any retired designs! Now we know differently. They were just waiting for the right time to modernize, restyle, and update the past favorites for a new audience. I personally am really excited about all of these. Now people can get their hands on designs they thought they could never trade for! Remember, all of these new designs are eligible for the B3G1 free deal! Only Love Spell has a time limit on ordering: you have to get that one by the 15th. All the others are here at least until September 1st–woo hoo! :D

Thanks for reading,
Carolyn S.

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