Jamberry Brings Back Retired Designs in a New Way for Spring 2015: Part 2

then now 2

I have so much to say about each of these nail wraps that I’ve divided my article up into parts. Enjoy this Part 2 and please go read Part 1 here!

This has been the most talked-about and highly praised catalog launch in years and I feel that for among other reasons, Jamberry has brought back a handful of sought-after retired designs but with a hip, trendy new look. Here is the list, I am so excited to share this with you! (Note, there will be pictures of retired designs featured below for reference.)

arrow to celeb
Colorful Arrowhead made for such unique manicures! (Here modeled by @suzberryjams). You can achieve a similar look with Celeb Status layered over solid wraps or lacquers.

Then: Colorful Arrowhead and Purple Arrowhead
Now: Celeb Status
Colorful Arrowhead was a unique wrap sheet as each wrap was a different color. One half of the sheet was bright colors like orange, berry red, and turquoise, while the other half was darker fall colors. It made for some amazing manicures! Jamberry then came out with a version that was purple only. But all the designs had the white arrows pointing across the nails. The new Celeb Status brings back those beloved arrows but in black and in a clear design perfect for layering. It also combines it with cute stars and hearts for mix and match manis that can be all your own.

jan sb to berry
The original Stylebox exclusive was a pink tint over a subtle pink sparkle. The new Berry Sparkler has a deeper, richer pink over a silver sparkle. (pic credit to @abmiljams)

Then: January 2015 Stylebox Exclusive Sparkle Ombre
Now: Berry Sparkler
The January Stylebox was the most talked-about, most popular Stylebox in its history. Jamberry actually sold out of these and had to give people rain checks! Very popular! Now you don’t have to feel bad if you missed out on getting your hands on that exclusive sparkle ombre, because it’s available now as Berry Sparkler. These two sparkle ombre sheets aren’t exactly the same–Berry Sparkler has more opaque pink at the cuticle, but the look on your nails is so similar people won’t know it’s not exclusive! He, he.

burberry to ues

Then: Burberry
Now: Upper East Side
Plaid is classic. Burberry plaid is both classic, classy, and evocative of a certain lifestyle. Maybe because this pattern and color combination is only ever used on high-end products, but wearing Burberry makes you feel high class, stylish, and classic all at one time. The new Upper East Side tightens up the scale of the plaid to be more flattering on the nails (in my opinion) and makes it really versatile to combine with other nude wraps or florals as well. I love this pattern, it is truly one of my favorites. Also available in a Matte finish.

Can you believe these old thumbnail images? I'm so glad they updated how they style their images. (pic credit to @loopylis for layering White Stripe over Grapefruit)
Can you believe these old thumbnail images? I’m so glad they updated how they style their images. (pic credit to @loopylis for layering White Stripe over Grapefruit)

Then: Pink and White Stripe; Turquoise and White Stripe
Now: White Stripe (on clear)
The original pink and turquoise white horizontal stripe nails were included as part of a sample sheet. Even today those sample sheets are valued by traders. Many women were trying to get their hands on just a few accents of pink and turquoise stripes. But now, with the new clear design White Stripe, those same women can stop looking and start enjoying their new manis! Simply layer the clear design over pink or turquoise wraps or lacquer and you can get the same look as the original.

And people used to say Jamberry never brought back any retired designs! Now we know differently. They were just waiting for the right time to modernize, restyle, and update the past favorites for a new audience. I personally am really excited about all of these. Now people can get their hands on designs they thought they could never trade for! Remember, all of these new designs are eligible for the B3G1 free deal! All these designs are here at least until September 1st–woo hoo! :D

Thanks for reading,
Carolyn S.

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