Jamberry Brings Back Retired Designs in a New Way for Spring 2015: Part 3

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I have so much to say about each of these nail wraps that I’ve divided my article up into parts. Enjoy this Part 3 and please go read Part 1 here & Part 2 here!

This has been the most talked-about and highly praised catalog launch in years and I feel that for among other reasons, Jamberry has brought back a handful of sought-after retired designs but with a hip, trendy new look. Here is the list, I am so excited to share this with you! (Note, there will be pictures of retired designs featured below for reference.)

The original Stylebox chevron was a glossy nail, while the new Happily Ever After is a sparkle, with silver between the colorful chevrons. (pic credit to @jamminwithsarah)
The original Stylebox chevron was a glossy nail, while the new Happily Ever After is a sparkle, with silver between the colorful chevrons. (pic credit to @jamminwithsarah)

Then: August 2014 Stylebox Exclusive
Now: Happily Ever After (sparkle)
The multi-colored chevron patterns are always a favorite in the trades group, and the August Stylebox is waaaaay up there in terms of desirability. So when I saw this new sparkle wrap, Happily Ever After, I knew a lot of women were going to be very, very happy. This new design combines the same colors of the original but on a sparkle wrap for a great fun, eye catching manicure.

damask collage

Then: Black and White Damask & Others
Now: Tapestry
Damask is a classic pattern so of course Jamberry has a history with making different damask patterns in different colors. They have previously made an orange and black and white versions. While not the same colors, the new Tapestry evokes the same vintage-y romantic feeling that the original Black and White version did, but with a great modern feel. I love this new wrap and think it is the perfect balance between a floral and a lace. Also available in matte finish.

xoxo collage

Then: Hugs and Kisses
Now: Matchmaker & First Crush
The original red Hugs and Kisses design was a limited time Holiday wrap. But the new Matchmaker is here for the full catalog and it is offered as a Mixed Mani design combined with cute hearts. It is also available in a Juniors version, First Crush, to make adorable Mommy & Me manicures.

cherry collage

Then: Sour Cherry Pie
Now: Cherry-O Juniors
This cute summery design is still very popular in the trades groups. The original Sour Cherry Pie had red cherries on a blue background. The new Cherry-O is only available in a Juniors sheet and has similar cherries on a white background. If you are a woman with small nails, you can still wear wraps from a Juniors sheet. I personally would only be able to get one manicure out of a juniors sheet, but if it was a design I highly coveted, the cost would be minimal especially when you see what one sheet has sold for on ebay! Eeek! [Please don’t buy wraps off of ebay. Please, just don’t.]

seashell collage

Then: Seashells
Now: June Hostess Exclusive
It was a big shock to see another retired design come back this month, this time as a Hostess Exclusive! The retired Seashells design had big bold seashells on a blue background. The new Hostess Exclusive features the same shells on a pink background, giving it a more sunset-on-the-beach look. This look is retro and fun for summer but its only available if you host a qualifying party!

Whew! And people used to say Jamberry never brought back any retired designs! Now we know differently. They were just waiting for the right time to modernize, restyle, and update the past favorites for a new audience. I personally am really excited about all of these. Now people can get their hands on designs they thought they could never trade for! Remember, all of these new designs are eligible for the B3G1 free deal! With the exception of the Hostess Exclusive (only available through June), all these designs are here at least until September 1st–woo hoo! :D

Thanks for reading,
Carolyn S.

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