Jamberry Monthly Style Trends | December

december top 20

It is so fun looking at the monthly style trends from Jamberry. It gives you a great idea of what women everywhere are wearing on their nails in the month to come!

December’s Top 20 Nail Wrap Designs featured Let It Snow at #1 and the Sister’s Style Exclusive, First Frost, at the #2 spot. I am amazed at how popular this now retired design was, I have never seen a SSE break the top 10 before! This just shows how amazing the design was, the Sisters nailed it, for sure! I know many consultants were buying multiple sheets of it because it is a limited time design and won’t be coming back. This just proves that when you see an exclusive design you love, buy it!

The Jamberry Junior’s design, Snow and Ice, rounds out the top 3, meaning lots of Mommy and Me manicures will be happening in January! So cute!

I’m curious to see how the new month will change. I know Love Spell will be on there for sure, I can see that’s already becoming a favorite. I am really curious to see if any of the new Marsala designs will break the top 20. I am for sure getting Marsala in Bloom, but am very interested to see how this new color will be received by Jam Fans!

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