Jamberry Nail Wraps Versus Kiss Gel Dress Product Review PART 2


Jamberry Nail Wraps Versus Kiss Gel Dress Product Review PART 2

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For the first five days, I was very surprised these strips were still sticking to my nails! And I didn’t get a chip until day 3, which was neat. However, this wasn’t the best time to test for durability as I was a lot less active with my hands this week. I didn’t wash dishes daily and I didn’t cook daily. I also didn’t use snap cloth diapers for my son because we were going out with family a lot this week, so my overall activity was way down. I am sure if I had tried these during a regular stay at home week, they would have begun chipping earlier. But having them continue to stick with the exception of the edges for 10 days was still impressive.

I am very sensitive to chemical smells, so when I first opened the package and got a good whiff of these, I thought I might change my mind about wearing them. After application, these continued to smell like chemicals for a couple days. But the smell faded with time.

These strips continue to stay soft and don’t dry out while wearing them. The topcoat seemed to wear off, making them more fragile as time went on. Reapplying or touching up the topcoat is not in the instructions. As my nail grew out, the strip’s edge at the cuticle end begin catching on my hair. My nails grow very slowly, so for me to notice this after 7 days or so is a big deal.

But for my first time using this product, I was semi-impressed and could see these as a good gateway product for someone who thinks they might want to try Jamberry nails in the future. It is a good product to test and see if nail wraps are a good fit for your lifestyle. How do you do with a product that isn’t nail polish? How do you do using tools you already own but maybe in a new way? How do you do with a product that wears differently than nail polish but is easier to remove than nail polish? How do you like wearing something that doesn’t necessarily look like nail polish (fun patterns or designs)? These are great questions and the Kiss strips could help you decide if you like a product like a nail wrap. Then when you buy the real deal with Jamberry nails, you will see how superior they are to the drug store strips!

I’m obviously a Jam Fan, and have done lots of Jamicures since I started using the nail wraps (July 2014), so I know that Jams last! I even went three weeks with my Sweet Whimsy wraps, with only a bit of wear at the tips and growth at the cuticle. Since Jamberry nail wraps are made of vinyl, they don’t chip like nail polish or nail polish strips. This time was no exception. My Midnight Celebration wraps held up great. I had chipped 3 Kiss strips before I had the incident with the cardboard box, ruining my first Jam. But if that finger had worn a Kiss strip, who’s to say that wouldn’t have suffered the same fate? My other Jamberry nails stayed perfect with just a bit of wear at the tips. I actually was very tempted to just remove the Kiss and leave the Jams, but I have so many new patterns waiting for me, it’s hard to say no to something new.

Kiss Gel Dress strips manicure versus Jamberry nail wraps on Day 1, Day 5 and Day 10
Kiss Gel Dress strips manicure versus Jamberry nail wraps on Day 1, Day 5 and Day 10

Kiss Gel Dress strips claim an instant, peel-off removal. I started with a strip that was already lifting and peeled gently off from side to side. They peeled off smoothly and cleanly. They peeled up my basecoat on those nails but left no damage to the nails that had no basecoat. A minor sticky residue was left behind. Removal on my toes was even easier as they were mostly not attached anymore, I just lifted them off with a tweezers. The sticky residue was much more pronounced on my toes.

Jamberry nail wraps are simple to remove. I like to use the oil method of removal as I avoid using acetone or other chemicals on my skin and nails. I break the seal of the wrap on the side of the nail using my orange stick, then I apply Jamberry’s cuticle oil on my cuticles and under the wrap that I just lifted. Then I massage the wrap off my nail with the orange stick, reapplying cuticle oil as needed. Then I use more cuticle oil to remove any sticky residue. My nails are left moisturized and looking great.

I went ahead and applied the Kiss as a pedicure. I said, “I’ve got my pedicure templates, so I could cut these out in 5 minutes. Yeah, why not?” I cut 8 small toe strips out of the french nail stickers using my pedicure templates. But I know no one else has these awesome templates, so it would be extra hard for other people to guess at their toe sizes and shapes. I did my regular pedicure prep: cuticles pushed back, alcohol swabbed on, etc. The tiny toe strips went on easily, and I clipped the tips with my nail clippers. The largest toe strips went on a lot trickier for my big toes. They didn’t want to lay flat without wrinkling at the edges. I pushed them on and pushed them on again and finally just said forget it, they will have wrinkles! I decided to skip the top coat on these. So far the glitter has been catching on my jersey sheets, the inside of my slippers, and my fleece sofa blanket. But they are staying on my nails.

Day 2, I lost one strip.
Day 3, I lost another strip.
Day 4, my left big toenail is ripped. This used to happen all the time before I started using Jamberry. The Kiss strips provide no support for thin or weak nails.
Day 7, I was about to take a picture for an update when I noticed all of my little toe stickers were barely attached anymore and were sliding off my nails, so I took a quick pic and removed them.

Both Jamberry nail wraps and Kiss Gel Dress strips require cutting for a pedicure. But with Jamberry, you get 4 double toe wraps which can be cut down to do 2 full pedicures and with Kiss, you only get 2 single toe wraps. So even with cutting, you can only get 1 pedicure with Kiss. Jamberry’s nail wrap sheets are unique in that they come in these larger sizes, and that you get 4 large strips per sheet. Jamberry’s nail wraps are also unique in that each wrap is a double, so if you wanted to mix wraps with lacquer, you could cover your big toes 4 times instead of just 2 for 4 pedicures! Amazing!

Kiss Gel Dress strips pedicure on Day 1, Day 4 and Day 7
Kiss Gel Dress strips pedicure on Day 1, Day 4 and Day 7

The Kiss strips were only a millimeter narrower than Jamberry’s second largest wrap, but that made a very noticeable gap on my big toes. They ended up looking wrinkled and sloppy. The strips also don’t apply smoothly to the big toes, and don’t wear well in socks and shoes or slippers. Jamberry nails stick to my toes even in the winter and last a full 4 or more weeks despite wearing heavy socks and shoes. I think Kiss could last longer than one week if it was flip flop weather. But they also didn’t provide any support for my toenails and I got a big rip in one. Now I have to wait two or more months for it to grow out again. I love how my toe nails never rip when I wear Jamberry wraps as a pedicure!

I love doing pedicures with Jamberry and have written other articles about how to get the perfect Jamberry pedicure, so I urge you to read those other articles if you want to learn more. Bottom line: 4-6 weeks of chip-free pedicure perfection, even on my pinkie toe.

This was a fun experiment in looking at a Jamberry competition product. At this point, 4 years since Jamberry has been on the market, all these drug store nail strips are just Jamberry imitations and wannabes. They copy Jamberry designs, they put their strips on a clear backing like Jamberry, and they try to make their product last longer by requiring a top coat of nail polish. Jamberry never recommends putting a top coat on their wraps. The regular wraps are already glossy and the special material they are made of makes them more durable than nail polish to begin with right out of the package. Plus Jamberry comes in more nail-friendly sizes, both width and length. They also come in 300 designs, unlike the drugstore which is limited in choices to a dozen or less.

Jamberry wraps can also be used over gels and acrylics, whereas the drug store strips just aren’t flexible enough to adhere to the extra curvature of those types of nails. Jamberry wraps are heat activated so they are flexible enough to shape to the curve of your nail. They are able to be pulled and stretched while warm and take that curved shape when cooled again. They are truly a unique product that has been thoroughly tested to work on a majority of women’s nails. Plus they are made in the U.S.A., are non-toxic, and never tested on animals.

I always wondered why drug store nail strips are always on sale or being clearanced. Well, they aren’t selling and they have a shelf-life. Jamberry wraps don’t have a shelf-life. They won’t expire. So why buy something that is just a cheap knock off when you can get the real thing? I paid about $6 for my Kiss Gel Dress strips. I only used the french tip ones for my pedicure, but with only 2 toe strips, I could only get 1 pedicure anyway. But for 1 manicure and 1 pedicure, each use would actually cost the same as a Jamberry sheet per use, and I don’t have to use them back to back or split with a friend. I can use 1 manicure now and not use the 2nd manicure until next year and it will still work great!

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    1. Host a party! Then you can get free and discounted nail wraps and share your love of the designs with your friends. As I said in the article, Jamberry is about the same price per application as the drugstore kinds and overall it is way cheaper and much more friendly to your nails than salon gels or acrylics. Get 5 designs and you might be set for a long time, don’t underestimate how far each package goes…

    2. Jamberry wraps are not expensive at all. $22 a sheet less if you buy 3. you can do 2 sets of hands plus a pedi so around $5 maybe for 2 weeks of nice nails.
      You cant buy house paint that cheap !!
      Where I live thats the price of one coffee.

  1. I love Jamberry nail wraps! They are so adorable and the designs are super trendy! I also love how easy the application is. I think I’m gonna try the ziplock Baggie trick for applying though; my tips always try to peel up. But I love Jamicures!!! They always last 4+ weeks and I usually only take them off because my nails grow out so much that there is barely any design left!

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