Jamberry Nail Wraps Work for Guitar Players Too!

guitar collage

Jamberry nail wraps work for guitar players, cellists, and other string instrument players! If you play a string instrument, you may have thought you couldn’t wear Jamberry, well these musicians say differently!

What better month than December to feature musicians wearing Jamberry nail wraps! Christmas carols are being played all around the world, and many of them feature live musicians. For fun, imagine you are listening to Silent Night being played by acoustic guitar as you read this article!

Natalie: I’m a professional cellist and play/teach about 25 hours a week and regularly get 10 days or more out of my wraps.

Stephanie W: My 12 yo daughter plays bass guitar and is a notorious polish picker. Jams are the ONLY thing that stay on her. She gets about a week (which is insanely good for her because she pics at the Jams too lol) so I imagine if you didn’t pick it’d be much longer. Bass is especially hard on polish because of the way she has to strum so it’s awesome the jams stay on!

Meredith: In case you were wondering if Jamberry nails can withstand guitar playing. The answer? Heck yes!! Best thing ever, isn’t it? Becoming a consultant has been such an amazing gift for our family.


Nail polish and string instruments are a combination for disaster. But Jamberry nail wraps are made of durable vinyl so they don’t chip! You can play your string instruments without worrying about ruining your manicure. Yes you can have pretty nails and still rock out on the guitar! Did I just blow your mind? Start shopping here, or request a sample here!

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  1. Hi!
    I love the collage at the top. The bottom right picture was a post of mine from November! I play the viola and violin (that particular picture is with my viola) and love having Jams on because they look great and students stare at my fingers for hours every week! Thanks for using my picture!


    1. Oh, thank you for finding my blog and your picture! I love seeing all the beautiful manicure pictures on instagram and it is very hard to keep track of photo credits, so I appreciate you taking a minute to stop by! I love string music, the cello is my favorite, but quartets are superb to listen to as well. :) Carolyn S.

  2. Hi! I love your pictures! My friend plays the guitar and the strings are wrecking the ends of her Jamberry wraps. Do you have any tips or tricks that would keep this from happening? She uses topcoat on the edges, but the wraps are still peeling away. I’ve seen her application and it is spot on….they’re fine until she plays her guitar. TIA! :) ~Malissa

    1. My advice would be to seal the tips with a flat iron and file at a 45 degree angle instead of 90. But if the strings are tearing the jams up, she might want to look into doing a uv gel top coat. Can anyone with experience chime in?

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