Jamberry Nails for Nurses

nurse jams

Do these nail wrap things work? Yes! But do they work on busy hands? In a word, yes! But I’m a nurse and wash my hands like a thousand times a day! Will they work for that? Yes again!

Jamberry recently had their 1 millionth customer. You don’t get to be a company that successful without making a product that does what it says it does. When applied correctly, Jamberry nail wraps shrink-wrap to the nail creating a water-tight seal. They are water and chemical resistant, durable, and they stay put. The official time Jamberry stands by is 2 weeks on fingers, but I’ve worn a set for 3 weeks and only had minimal wear on the tips. My mother also wears her sets for 3 weeks with only growth visible at the cuticle. Jamberry on toes lasts even longer, people have worn them 6 weeks and they still look great!

Here are some testimonials from real nurses who are super hard on their nails and they swear by Jamberry. They hold up to abuse and work on busy hands!

  • Shauna: I’m an ICU nurse and our hospital allows us to wear polish as long as it wasn’t chipped, which of course, meant touching up or taking off your polish every 2 days! That’s why I love my Jams!! They last so well with everything I do at work and because they don’t chip, there aren’t all those little places for bacteria to hang out!
  • (Anonymous): I am a NICU nurse–which means I wash my hands before, during, and after caring for each child I am aassigned to. I work 12 hour shifts–three to four a week–and I use alcohol based hand sanitizer at least 100 times a shift (no joke). Here’s my before and after pictures taken 2 weeks apart. That’s 6-twelve hours shifts of constant abuse to my nails! Not to mention my work as a mom of a 2 1/2 year old–dishes, laundry, etc. Jamberry is amazing!
nicu nurse sm
NICU nurse, Jamberry day 1 and day 14
  • Amber: I’m an icu nurse. I wash my hands constantly! I use the regular application and can wear my jams 14 plus days.
  • Beth: I’m a nurse and my hands last 10 days with the constant washing, sanitizing, and glovingnurse day 10
  • (Anonymous): This is my Jamberry after 9 days. I’ve had to change my nail polish, but the [Jamberry nail] strip is holding on through hundreds of hand washings over seven straight days of work at two different nursing jobs:

nurse jams after 9 days

So there you have it! The women who absolutely abuse their hands on the job can still have beautiful nails care of Jamberry nail wraps. I am amazed!


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  1. I have tried Jamberry but I am now an OR nurse and weary of using them on my hands because although they do stay on for awhile, it leaves little bits adhesive goo on the edges which to me would be a concern because bacteria could accumulate. I wish there is a study that can tell me if the handwashing and alcohol sanitizer we use at work is good enough to kill pathogens stuck on the adhesive.

    1. I always use cuticle oil to gently take off any and all sticky residue left behind! It’s like goo gone for your nails! But yes, anything on the nails is a concern for nurses and doctors so everyone needs to use their own best judgement about whether they are work-appropriate. Thanks for your feedback! –Carolyn S.

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