Jamberry Non-Acetone Wrap & Lacquer Remover Review

jamberry nail care products

I was *finally* able to try out the non-acetone formula from Jamberry and OMG! Hello, game changer! This stuff is liquid gold, oh my gosh! I poured a tiny amount in a shot glass and soaked my fingers for a minute at a time. It only took a few minutes and my wraps were just falling off! My Strengthening Base Coat was turning to jelly and sliding off my nails. It was amazing! No damage! It was so easy, I wish I’d tried it sooner! *wink*

After removal, I slathered on my cuticle oil as usual and enjoyed my naked nails for the rest of the day. As much as I love fun colors and designs, I was enjoying having strong natural nails with nothing to hide.

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