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mommy me leopard

This week’s outfit features a really cute Mommy & Me style with leopard print! There is something special about spending quality “girl” time with your daughter and doing your manicures is one way you can pamper yourself and make her feel special at the same time!

I know my daughter loves having nails that look like Mommy’s, so when I can do a matching manicure with her it is a special experience for both of us. She gets so excited when I am putting the little Jamberry juniors on her, and afterwards she is so proud to show everyone her new nails! It is adorable and makes me feel good to just to take the 10 minutes it takes to apply them knowing she feels so special having her nails like mommy’s.

This Mother’s Day, take a few minutes to pick out a few styles you both love so you can experience the same joy. I have featured above: Rosy Leo Juniors, Rose Gold Sparkle, and the original Leopard. Make sure to add 1 more style and get it for FREE!

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