Jamberry Style Trends for January

january top 20

January saw women everywhere go insane over Jamberry’s hottest nail wrap, “Love Spell.” It rocketed to the top soon after it debuted and stayed there firmly at number one for the whole month. Women are going crazy for this wrap style! It is a beauty, that’s for sure.

I personally love the mixed manicures you can get with a There’s More wrap. After I used Blooming Splendor during December, I learned that with my short nails and some creative cutting, I can get a full manicure using just 4 nail wraps from a Jamberry sheet! I was so impressed with myself! That means for me and other women with short nails–we can get 3 full manicures with each nail wrap sheet instead of 2! My love for Jamberry just went up a notch, if that’s even possible! Ha, ha.

Women are gearing up for the Holidays, with all 6 of the Valentine’s Day wrap styles making the Top 20, and one each for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. I hope you ordered in time to receive your Valentine’s Day nail wraps! If not, you can still get a copy and wear them another time this year or even save them for next year. As of April 15th, these special Holiday wraps won’t be available to purchase.

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Other wraps in January saw the newly debuted Marsala in Bloom become a fast best-seller as well. I know I bought my copy! The marsala color is so pretty and unexpected it is really eye-catching on your nails and skin-tone friendly. I wore my marsala wraps the last week in January and I thought it was a great manicure to say goodbye to winter. Of course, that was before we got a huge snowstorm!

Great staple wraps are always on trend, from the gorgeous Silver Floral on Magenta to Rose Gold Sparkle, to Midnight Celebration. Jamberry has designs to suit every taste! Start browsing HERE for your favorites today!

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