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upper east side

I went a little Burberry crazy with this outfit. But seriously, the new wrap Upper East Side has me going crazy for plaid! I love plaid!

I just love how this outfit came together though, from the cute polka dress to the high boot to the subtle plaid print on the silk scarf. This would be a perfect outfit for early Spring and even Fall!

I love Jamberry’s new more neutral nail wraps. We all have been asking for more neutrals and solids for a while now and they are finally here! Now women who work in a conservative environment can still get their jam on with these great new colors and subtle patterns.

ues collage

Upper East Side is a quick favorite of mine and it is very versatile. I love it with the floral Memory Lane, but it would be just as at home with Almond or Almond Ombre.

I even took some of my tinted wraps and layered them over the plaid to get awesome new plaids! Upper East Side plus Boysenberry Tint equals a hot purple plaid! Add Aquamarine Tint and you get a rich green plaid! I can only assume the other tints would look just as awesome over this versatile plaid nail.

Can you tell I’m a little excited about this one? And it’s also available in Matte finish! I love the matte finish, they feel so buttery soft on the nails and go on so easily!

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