Jamberry’s 7 day Challenge!


Having a sample of something can be invaluable in deciding to buy it. Who doesn’t want to try a brand new product without paying for it upfront? But plain old samples are so boring!

That’s why instead of sending a plain sample, I encourage my customers to take a 7 day Challenge instead! It is simple: I believe in Jamberry nail wraps so much, I think they can stand up to any nail polish–even salon-quality polish! Apply the Jamberry nail wrap to 2 fingers, and polish the rest with your favorite long-lasting nail polish. Then live your life for a week! In 7 days, you can see for yourself how Jamberry holds up to your lifestyle–be it as a busy working woman, or a stay-at-home mom working with her hands all day long. Jamberry is simply amazing! So instead of getting another freebie that will sit around in your drawer for months, are you ready to Take the Challenge?

Fill out this form to start!

As an added bonus, I am going to do a monthly drawing for my customers who take the challenge and post pictures of their manicures on Instagram! For every post with the hashtag #showynailschallenge, you can be entered to win a drawing for a special prize! So be sure to follow @showynails on Instagram, and use the hashtag to win!

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