Jamberry’s February 2016 GGG: Showynails’ Top Picks!

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It’s that time again, time to clear out old designs to make room for the new! The Spring catalog launches March 1st, and we all have until then to get our favorites from the GGG list! Because after that time, all these designs will be retired forever! Here are my personal top favorites from the GoingGoingGone List!

  1. Amore. It’s a floral. It’s a sparkle. It’s gorgeous. Enough said.
  2. Marsala Chai. The floral is super cute, and one can never have enough ombres!
  3. Prissy Plaid. It’s been a good run with this plaid. If you haven’t tried it, now’s your last chance. I have 2 sheets.
  4. Sly As a Fox Jrs. These are so cute. Who doesn’t love foxes? I never regret getting jrs designs during GGG as they are rarely available for trade!
  5. Swept Away. I always liked Bella Romantica, but when Swept Away debuted, I loved the beautiful rich plum color that much more. Instant classic.
  6. Tea Time. I love this pattern much more than all the orchid designs last year. The purple is more flattering, the flowers are a good scale, and I like the tone on tone look of it better than other florals.
  7. Wild Child. This deep hot pink satin was an instant hit and will be missed.
  8. Rose Gold. Uh, what? How? Rose Gold has been a staple color, its sad to see it go, for sure.

What will you be getting this GGG cycle? Leave me a comment below!

*Remember, I’m just a hobbyist now so no selling links! Email me if you wish to order from me & pay via PayPal: showynails@gmail.com

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    1. As a hobbyist are you able to create parties and claim hostess rewards? There just does not seem to be a lot out there about a hobbyist that I have been able to find.

      1. You sure can! I just opened a party for myself to split a GGG/New Catalog order. Half in February, half in March, and I get the hostess rewards as well! The workstation has less functionality but it can still do parties! –Carolyn S.

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