Jamberry’s Giving Tuesday | Mini-Gallery

  • Jamberry Giving Tuesday: Bella Romantica
  • Jamberry Giving Tuesday: Fruit Sorbet
  • Jamberry Giving Tuesday: Gimme S'more
  • Jamberry Giving Tuesday: Mosiac de Mayo
  • Jamberry Giving Tuesday: Midway Floral
  • Jamberry Giving Tuesday: Monochromania
  • Black Friday Remix: Giving Tuesday designs
  • Jamberry Giving Tuesday: Exclusive Bejewled wrap & Beauty Sleep Gel Enamel
  • jamberry giving tuesday exclusive nail wraps
  • Jamberry giving tuesday beauty sleep gel bundle
  • Jamberry Giving Tuesday Bejewled
  • Black Friday Remix: A portion of SSE sales this weekend will go to Toys For Tots

Tuesday is the day Jamberry brings back SIX retired, highly desired and coveted designs for sale!! These 6 exclusive designs are only available Tuesday! And if you shop on Tuesday, a portion of the SSEs and the retired designs sales will go to Toys For Tots! In addition, you can get a DIFFERENT free exclusive nail wrap with orders over $50, AND the chance to buy a Spring Preview Gel Enamel color (bundled with Design Dimensions) before it goes on sale March 1st!!

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