Jamberry’s Indulgence Hand Care Product Review

jamberry indulgence lotion

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Indulgence by Jamberry! This is the amazing hand care line that is biotin-infused for amazing pampering for your hands and nails. The set comes with 4 products for now:

Cleanse, the biotin-infused sweet orange hand soap
Buff, the biotin-infused sugar scrub
Quench, the biotin-infused balm and cuticle rub
Nourish, the biotin-infused hand cream

The Cleanse hand soap is a bonus product for the set, so we aren’t sure how long the Cleanse will be included. But it came with my set, so let’s review it! I love this hand soap! It is very rare to find a hand soap that does not have moisturizers in it, and isn’t anti-bacterial so if those are things you value in a hand soap, this is a great option for you! I just love how clean it makes my hands with a sweet orange smell. It is crisp and clean and washes off quickly and easily leaving no film behind. It is a great overall soap so much so that I wish they offered refills or at least a bigger bottle! I am using mine sparingly because I don’t want to run out!

The Buff sugar scrub is a great product! This is a coconut oil and cocoa butter based scrub with sugar crystals inside. When mine came in the mail, my tube was solid and couldn’t be squeezed. When that happens, don’t squeeze it or you might make your tube explode! Also, the inside of the tubes are sealed with a foil seal, so remove that before you start squeezing your tube as well. I also recommend you go ahead and exfoliate with the scrub on dry hands. It is a great moisturizing exfoliator with fine crystals of sugar so it isn’t abrasive. It removes your dead skin cells easily and without using a lot of product. Then simply rinse and pat dry. This leaves your hands incredibly soft and silky smooth so much so you may not need to apply any lotion afterwards! It is a great product, I can’t wait to use it on my feet too!

The Quench is a great hand balm that is waterless and solid at room temperature. It is pretty hard! Since it is so firm, I just rub each finger in the little jar one at a time and then massage the balm on the opposite cuticle. This makes it into a great cuticle rub. I have also been using it as a lip gloss at night and have been very pleased. This has the same scent as the Nourish but it is a very light scent with cocoa butter undertones. And the scent disapates very quickly.

The Nourish is a really thick and rich hand cream with a light refreshing scent. Everyone wants to know what this lotion smells like! Well, to my nose, this smells powder fresh. It smells like baby powder with floral undertones. It is a very light scent that disapates quickly, after 10 or 15 minutes. I am very scent sensitive and can’t use any perfumes or scented fabric softeners so for me to say it is a light scent is a big deal. This is a great overall hand cream that absorbs quickly into the skin, moisturizes deeply, and leaves no greasy film on your skin. It is such a great lotion that it is available in a bottle twice as big now! Now you can get Nourish hand cream in an 8 ounce bottle!

The Nourish hand cream is the only product of the Indulgence set that is now available outside of the set, but I hope the other products will be offered as well in the future, as they are all great and it would be fabulous to buy refills of the different ones as you run out as you may use them at different rates.

I hope you decide to try the Indulgence hand care set soon but if it is the price of the set keeping you from purchasing, you should host a party! Hosting a party is a quick and easy way to earn product credit that will let you get the Indulgence kit for FREE, or earn a half-off item to purchase the kit at half price. It is an amazing deal and an easy way to get a great hand care set at a discount. So sign up to host a party with Showynails!

This article is now a YouTube video! So check it out on my Videos Page, or click the direct link Here!

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  1. So how did you get the exfoliator out of the tube! I can’t get mine out, nearly broke my fingers trying to squeeze some out so had to poke some out with a stick! Thanks :)

    1. Warm it up in hot water or a shower. You may also want to warm it up really well and transfer it into a jar that you can dip your fingers into. I just tried using it again the other day and my tube exploded. So I’m looking for a jar for the rest now! ;) –Carolyn S.

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