Jamberry’s NEW Spring Collection Launches March 1st! Here’s My Wishlist!

  • jamberry beauty sleep gel
  • jamberry Country Manor
  • Jamberry Dinomite
  • Jamberry Lavalicious
  • Jamberry Staycation
  • Jamberry Pretty Kitty
  • Jamberry Picnic Party
  • Jamberry SSE March Color Crush
  • Jamberry Dynasty & Overlap

Whoop, whoop! This is the day I’ve been waiting for for weeks! And it’s finally here! I get to purchase from the new catalog! Yippee! These are a few of my top pics, and I was surprised how many of my top faves were featured on Jamberry’s Flickr page, with great photos. The names on each photo are of only one product, though more than one product may be featured, so take note!

*No longer a consultant, just a hobbyist, so no shopping links! Enjoy!

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