Jamberry’s Throwback Thursday #1 is Here!

jamberry throwback thursday 1

This is the first Thursday Jamberry is bringing back 2 retired designs available for purchase only through the weekend! Act fast to get these 2 cute summery designs we all thought were gone forever!


The 1st design is the beautiful summery Aloha Flower. This thumbnail image shows white hibiscus flowers on an orange background, but all the pictures of it on hands show a blue background as the more dominant color. Lovely! This fabulous summer design retired in August of 2014.

The background color on the full sheet is dominantly blue, as you can see here!
The background color on the full sheet is dominantly blue, as you can see here!

The 2nd design is a coordinating skinny stripe called Koi Skinny. Featuring orange and white stripes, this fun pattern pairs well with Aloha Flower or wear it by itself for a cute striped mani. Seriously, skinny stripes are always a winner in my opinion! This design retired in February of 2014.


I hope you liked the surprise of Jamberry’s 1st Throwback Thursday! These fun weekends will keep us Jam Fans on our toes as we eagerly anticipate which designs will be featured next! Do you think this will become the pattern where Jamberry re-releases one awesome retired design and then pairs it up with another retired design that coordinates but isn’t necessarily highly desired? I certainly hope not! I mean, we are capable of making our own pairings so I’d much rather see 2 hot designs instead of 1 hot and 1 eh. But that’s just me, of course!

Add these 2 styles to your cart, then add the Nepal Relief wrap (only until Saturday) and get another wrap for FREE! Plus, all of Showynails’ customers who purchase the Nepal Relief wrap will get a special gift from me–bonus! See more here!

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    1. Thanks for checking up on me! I was out of commission for a long while with “morning sickness” aka all day sickness! I’m back as of June 2015! Carolyn S.

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