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march top 20 minus sse

I like peeking at Jamberry’s Top 20 list to see how style trends are changing and evolving and what women are actually buying. This March, I totally forgot to snag a screenshot, so this image is actually from April and therefore doesn’t include the Sisters’ Style Exclusive, Spring Break, at the top spot.

I was surprised (but I probably shouldn’t have been) that the SSE rocketed to the top of the list and stayed there for the whole month. I was surprised also that the holiday wrap, Love Spell, only dropped a little bit and still hung in strong in the top 10. This is a special wrap that will no longer be available after April 15th. I already have a full sheet plus a partial, do I really need another? Maybe I should . . .

The beautiful pink sparkle Butterfly Kisses was comfortable in the #2 spot, as it is totally gorgeous and looks great for Spring. The metallic ombre Mermaid Tales also is settling in for the long haul in the Top 10, as it is amazing! Women just love these new designs!

top 20 march collage

I think it was a big shock for me to see two solid colors pop up on the list: both Grapefruit and Daydream. Grapefruit is a Pantone color for the Spring, so it is great that women are embracing this soft orange nail wrap. And Daydream is a pale not-pink color that is hard to describe as it is not quite pink, but not exactly a nude. It is a great neutral nail and is conservative for women who need a conservative manicure but still want the pampering and nail protection that nail wraps provide.

I hope you enjoyed looking at the Top 20 for March! I know this list is going to continue to change as the month goes on and women move away from Spring nails and start seeking out great designs for the Summer months as well. You can always see the list for yourself when you go to showynails.jamberrynails.net and click on “Shop.”


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