Mani-Monday! Except on Thursday!


I finally made time for myself this week! My 18 month old son has finally started sleeping better to the point where I feel comfortable taking Melatonin again, so my sleep quality has really improved and I am feeling much better, whew! So this week I have been getting up an hour or so before the kids and actually enjoying my breakfast and coffee and I don’t have to keep reheating it! ;) But seriously, this quiet morning time where I can just be by myself has been so restorative to my person. I can sit quietly and journal in my notebook, read my Kindle, browse on Instagram, or even watch a little Buffy (thank you, Netflix!)

So yesterday I decided I’d spend my quiet time doing my newest Jamicure! I had already picked out the gorgeous Prissy Plaid, with it’s great pink and raspberry and orange colors. It is really great for fall, and goes with everything I wear pretty much. And they will last right up until Thanksgiving, when I can change them out for something a little more orange or festive before all my family obligations.


I just love how they turned out! And I didn’t have to worry about any blow dryer noise with my mini-heater. It is so quiet, I had it on the whole time I was applying and could still hear Buffy. I also didn’t have to worry about waking any kids up or stinking up the place with nail polish fumes. And I went right back to Mommy-duty as soon as they were on, with no drying time! Because in the real Mommy-world, the minute I put my nail file away, someone woke up and needed his diaper changed. That’s just the way it works. Gotta love it!


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