Mani of the Week: Blue Jeans & SB Herringbone PLUS My TruShine Review!

blue jeans and herringbone mani

This is not my original mani for this week! I ususally change my mani on Friday or Saturday, which I did as usual. I was inspired by an amazing mani I saw on instagram so I reinterpreted it with my new Black Cherry gel and Victorian Lace wraps. I learned my lesson: never gel in the dark!

inspiration mani by zharkynayyy
My inspiration mani by zharkynayyy

My hubby and I were watching The Maze Runner with mood lighting and I was doing my nails. I am an amazing nail painter (if I do say so myself) so I could manage the polish okay. But even in the reduced lighting, I could see that the Black Cherry gel was just not covering my nail like I wanted. I did 4 (FOUR) coats of color and it still turned out streaky and not opaque!! When I saw it in the morning, I was pretty bummed. I also thought my glitter tips came out thick and goopy looking.

black cherry mani 1
My poor pic trying to copy the pro’s pose. You can’t really see the glitter gel in this pic, and the black cherry looks decent.

So after 3 days, I changed it out for something more subdued during my children’s bathtime. Matte wraps apply like butter! I think it only took me 20 minutes to put the new ones on and they look perfect!

My Quick Review of Jamberry Black Cherry Gel:

:( Sad face. Compared with Sensationail gel colors, Jamberry’s Black Cherry was tough to work with! Sensationail gets an A for:

  • easy to apply, good brush shape, soft bristles
  • opaque in 2 coats, even coverage
  • the base/top coat cures in only 30 seconds

Versus Jamberry’s TruShine, which gets a C-

  • the brush shape was square and the bristles were stiff, so it was hard to get the gel around my nail beds
  • hard brush to clean, I was wiping and wiping and wiping to get it not so gloppy on the brush
  • it went on streaky. Then with more and more coats, it never stopped looking streaky. FOUR coats and it was still streaky and transparent in places
  • cures in 45 seconds. 15 seconds may not sound like a lot, but when you have to do base, cure, color, cure, color, cure, color, cure, color, cure, glitter, cure, top, cure, top, cure, it adds up.
black cherry mani 2
In this alternate pic, you can see the glitter which looked fabulous over the lace, but the black cherry looks streaky. This is FOUR coats of color gel! Such a shame…

Removal? Trushine is no joke. That stuff is going to stay on there. Because of my extra glitter tips, it took a long time to soak off. 15 full minutes. I don’t know yet about staying power, but Sensationail gels came off my nails after about 4 days.

GOOD THING? Trushine can be applied over regular lacquer. I may just stick with that because 1) it’s cheaper & 2) if it lasts more than 4 days, it’s better than Sensationail and obviously better than just lacquer alone. Plus I like the added strength of the gel on my thin nails.

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