Mani of the Week: February HE 2015 + Hot Neon Lacquer

feb he mani 2

Continuing with my Valentine’s manis, I decided to do something that would make me happy and brighten up the gloomy winter! So I put on one of my favorites, the hostess exclusive from February 2015. It looks like artistic brush strokes of magenta, hot pink, purple, and other colors. While I love the wrap by itself, I thought it was a little busy so I wanted to pair it with a solid color. I decided to pair it with Hot Neon lacquer from the July 2015 Stylebox.

I’ve never used this lacquer before. Whereas my other Jamberry lacquers are a cream base, this isn’t the case with Hot Neon. 3 coats later and it wasn’t opaque! Nor was it fast drying! I got many smudges and dents in it waiting for it to dry–I had to try and smooth them out with a rubber cuticle pusher. Then it didn’t dry glossy, but was a satin finish. So I topped it with gel! Miracle worker, the gel filled in the dents and made it look perfect again with a high gloss finish. Love it! I have done gel over wraps before but this is my first time doing gel over lacquer. I hope it lasts!

feb he mani

So why bother putting gel over wraps? Isn’t that just like doing your mani twice? Yeah, it does take longer. But with gel over wraps, you get guaranteed smooth tips (when you cap with gel), your sides stay down and don’t bubble, you can immediately get your hands wet to wash dishes, shower, or give the kids or dog a bath (huge pluses!), and it can make your wraps last longer, especially the delicate matte ones. Plus the shine is out of this world! I love how the shine gives the wraps dimension and depth, I probably should have done 3 coats (total) instead of 2!

Annnnd, since the kids saw me doing my nails, they wanted theirs done too! Yes, my 2 year old son wanted gel nails! So I honestly asked him what color (fearing what my husband would do when he saw it), but luckily he asked for white! So he got a very subtle and thankfully masculine pearlized white gel mani while my 4 year old daughter got purple with pink glitter. All while the baby was sleeping and before bedtime! Maybe it will help their thin kid nails from ripping all the time, cool!

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