My New Jamberry Manicure, Christmas Edition!


As much as I hated having to take off my beautiful Blooming Splendor manicure, it was worth it to showcase this custom beauty.

About the middle of November, I went in on a custom order with my mother-in-law. She requested my custom Nativity design, but both halves of the sheet red instead of the two colors as I had designed. So I quickly made up a new layout and ordered it along with some other custom designs. When they came in the mail, every design was spot-on in terms of color, except these Nativity ones, which came out super dark, and looked almost brown when they were supposed to be red.

Instead of pouting about it, I offered to trade with my mom for a different design, and in the end we decided to split the Nativity sheet and both use it once. I’m glad we did, because even though it’s not how I designed it originally, it is still an amazing design! I just love the gold ribbons running along the nails and the simple Nativity scene is adorable.

I keep staring at my nails saying, “There’s the baby Jesus! On my nails!” It’s really cute. And I love the dark color, it’s almost a black cherry or dark red currant. It’s dark and dramatic and it will go with everything I am planning on wearing for Christmas: I have shirts and sweaters in red, black, and green and this nail design will look great with all of them.

I did go back and alter my original computer file and resubmit an edited version with Jamberry’s Nail Art Studio that will print out red like I intended for next time. But that means this manicure is even more special, because it is the first and only time I will have a black cherry Nativity design on my nails.

If you would like to order my custom Nativity design, or any of my other custom designs, click here and have a Merry Christmas!

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