My Newest Manicure: NAIAS Nails!

jamberry tinted classics s

My husband and I have enjoyed going to the Detroit Auto Show since we were dating and working on the school newspaper together. It is always a great time and we love whenever we are able to go back and do it again!

This year is the first year we have been since our daughter was a baby 3 years ago. And I must say, they have really amped up the entire show. It was an amazing day and there was plenty to keep both our toddlers entertained beyond the novelty of pretending to drive and pushing buttons!

And of course, my nails looked fabulous! I had planned on wearing this Jamberry nail wrap, Tinted Classics, since we decided we were going to the car show a month ago, so that’s was a long month of waiting to wear this fun pattern. It is a “There’s More” wrap style, with three different patterns on the sheet. It was really fun deciding which side of the wrap sheet I would wear. And I absolutely love the clear wrap styles. Of course the fact that these go on so easily for me helps a lot in my love for them.

jamberry tinted classics

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