New Color of the Year Nail Wraps by Jamberry!

marsala bouquet collage

Marsala is hot, hot, hot! Pantone really went out on a limb picking this deep rich hue for the color of the year, but it is an amazing color! In person, this color is exactly somewhere between a burgundy red and a rich brown. It is unexpected, dramatic, and daring. It also looks fabulous next to any skin tone and as a manicure, it is very versatile.

Jamberry tries to be on trend with their nail wrap designs, and with the launch of the new catalog, they’ve included a few more Marsala wraps, expanding their Color of the Year collection. Check out these new offerings for nail art in the hottest color trend of the season!

Here are my favorite pairings of the new and existing wraps:

marsala new square collage

Marsala in Bloom zoomed to the top of the bestseller list after its debut in January, and I feel the first sparkle floral, Amore, could do the same! It is a beautiful floral on a rich Marsala background and it is a sparkle! It has everything! It doesn’t need to be paired with any accent nails, but a stripe or a chevron is always a classic choice with any floral.

The other florals Harvest Blooms and Memory Lane use the same color palette that Marsala looks right at home next to. You can get plain Marsala in a glossy or a matte finish and accent with a floral for a classy new neutral manicure with a twist.

marsala new collage


And who can resist Marsala in a sparkle finish!? This would be a great addition to your sparkle collection!

I hope you include one of these new Marsala nail wraps in your next order! It’s so easy to try new things and stay on top of hot fashion trends with nail wraps–and fun too!

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